Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Hand Stitching through the Heat

The hot summer weather that
we've been experiencing 
has left me feeling drained
and lethargic. 

Maybe it's a combination
  of the heat, 
the continuing quarantine,
and boredom.
I suppose the list could go on, 
but I've tried not to dwell on 
too much of the negative.
But still,
it does eventually catch up with you.

Running Man and I spent a couple
of days camping 

 with our daughter's family.

The 3 grand kids kept us very entertained,

but then that wisp of normalcy was gone.

I have used the past week
to focus on enjoying hand stitching
a variety of projects.

Stacey West at Buttermilk Basin had a 
free sew along a while ago called 'Stars and Stripes'.

I decided to order the kit that included the wool
pattern and fabrics because
I wanted to support her business and thank her 
for sharing so much of her 
talent online for free. 

I found 
whip stitching around wool,
even with the heat,
was totally relaxing and 
mind soothing.
I usually have to change a few things
that comes with the kit,
but that's a quilter's choice.

I did use my machine to add the flange binding 
Love the quickness of that!
Thanks again, Stacey, for
your talent and willingness to share 
with so many.

I've also taken the time to
make another block for Stars Upon Stars.

made by Aline Loulin
Houston, 2018

Once the block is sewn together it's 
all fingers crossed
to see if all those
 tiny diamonds will lay flat
or if the center point looks decent.

Will you have a volcano in the middle?

or a deep whirlpool?

All of the blocks for this quilt 
have been sewn by hand
and have been pressed carefully.

Looking pretty good!

Block #12

There's more hand stitching on the
agenda for this week.  
The weather is still 
unseasonably hot for this area.

Hopefully, I'll catch a
cool breeze 

and keep stitching along.

Until Next Time-


  1. OH how fun that you got to go camping! That is super fun!! It seems like we are floating through the days, just putting one foot in front of the other, you know? Your wool flag applique is so, so pretty. If I attempted that diamond block, the volcano would stay a volcano, lol...I love yours!

  2. Your photos always put a smile on my face...which is desperately needed these days. Your quilts are always over the top gorgeous. We went camping for a week last month...went way to fast. How your feeling seems to be a common theme amongst many of my creative friends these days (myself included). Praying it all passes soon.

  3. I so miss camping. Maybe next year. I adore your star blocks. It's amazing that it is all hand pieced. I bet you held your breath when it came time to iron it. Stay safe. Hugs

  4. Your flag looks great, but oh my gosh, those stars, hand sewn! So beautiful! I am glad they are all nice and flat, but then, I expected them to be since you made them.

  5. WoW! I am absolutely blown away by that beautiful star! Do you hand piece it using EPP? How nice that you could go camping - fresh air and grandkids... what a great combination.

  6. Your flag is beautiful and your star awesome !!
    I love your colors !
    I wish you a happy summer despite the hot weather !

  7. Way to go on star #12!! It’s wonderful! Your fabric choices are lovely and your piecing so precise. I remember viewing Ogeechee with you :0) Camping sounds fun. I’d swap a few of our cool rainy days for a few of your hot ones. We’re having a cool, wet summer so far.

  8. The old time photo produces a big sigh. What fun It must be to go camping with the grandchildren! Block12 looks perfect. Love how the colors coordinate. Oh what fun it would be to go on a roller coaster a hot day. I don’t believe any are operating in my area.

  9. Oh my can I relate. I have so much in the works, but the heat and humidity just melts my ambition. Sometimes you just need a little "easy" project to keep aligned. Sweet little kit. Your star block is so gorgeous. That is going to be one amazing quilt. Stay cool!

  10. Grandkids and camping, a perfect combination! Your star block is perfect in my eyes, wouldn't even attempt anything that complex at this point. We've been in a fairly extended spell of high heat and humidity with a brief respite yesterday and today. I had to give up hand quilting a large quilt for a couple days and sandwich something smaller than twin size for the duration. Not complaining too much though, we'll be knee deep in snow before we know it.

  11. Good times with the grandkids. :)
    That is a very fun patriotic piece. I like Stacey's patterns.
    Those stars blocks are mind-blowing! I bow to your skills in completing them and having them lay flat. So impressive. That will be an heirloom!
    Oh, goodness, that roller coaster photo is a hoot. LOL

  12. Yes, missing out on being with friends and family is not easy!! I am pleased you did get some time together when camping. It is never enough, though.
    The little flag mini is delightful.
    But the block for the stars quilt is incredible. So many pieces and so much patience. Beautiful work.
    Good luck keeping cool.

  13. OMG! The ladies on the roller coaster! How FUN is that?! :-)
    I admire you for that stars upon stars quilt! So many accurate stitches are necessary and looks like you're doing a splendid job of it! Hand stitching is so relaxing...
    Wishing you many happy and healthy gatherings in the days ahead!

  14. I don't know where you find them but those vintage photographs are the best! Glad you got to go camping with your grandkids and spend time outdoors. Lovely little wool piece! I was thinking about your star quilt just the other day and wondered how it was coming along. Now I know! With your precise hand piecing, it is going to be one stunning quilt! Love it!!

  15. Beautiful star block!!! It has been warm here, but not as hot as last year was. Looking forward to the monsoon rains that should start this weekend. Glad you got some normalcy with the grands!

  16. Your star block is so beautiful! It makes me want to make stars too!
    the little patriotic quilt is really cute, love the pipe binding.

  17. You are one brave woman to be working on the star blocks with a million diamonda.

    Your grandchildren have grown so much. But then, that is what kids do. What is the fall school situation like for them?

  18. Your Ogoochee block is amazing! Going to be such an incredible quilt.:) Glad you had your time away from time with the grand children. They are so refreshing with their here and now attitudes!

  19. Loving your Stars Upon Stars block!! One I’ve always wanted to try. It’s very cold here - shall I send some cool your way?? 😎

  20. Your latest SUS block is gorgeous! The finished quilt will be amazing, especially considering everything is hand-pieced. The camping trip sounds like it was a blessing; not only to enjoy family time, but to enjoy weather where long sleeves and long pants are comfortable!

  21. I can identify with you on the heat issue. It's been very hot and humid here in CT. We got a little break yesterday and it felt great.
    Your star is absolutely stunning - wowzer. all hand pieced? I loved your volcano and sink whole, but it's perfection in the end :)
    pretty wool stitching and the camping trip looks fun. What cute kids.

  22. Oh Kyle, your Stars Upon Stars is amazing--so beautiful! I have had that pattern on my bucket list for ages, but haven't mustered up the courage to start--lol!