Thursday, June 25, 2020


I can remember a time 
when I was about 8 years old
and was walking to school
wearing my red rubber boots.

Because there were no sidewalks
and the spring ground was muddy
it only took a few moments to 
 get my feet really stuck deep in the mud.
Fortunately, my sister was with me and
before she got stuck,
she was able to ran back home for help.

In the mean time,
I struggled and tried to free myself
from my sticky and wet trap.
I thought I would be stuck forever.
I was really worried.

In just a few moments there was my mom 
coming to my rescue,
lifting me up and freeing me.

Then we all started laughing
because there were my boots
still in the mud.
In those few moments 
a frustrating situation changed.

I confess to feeling a bit
frustrated with still being quarantined,
not seeing family and friends, and
just not having my usual routine.   

One positive and creative thing
 I have been doing is 
   Sue Spargo's' 90 day
circle sampler.

Over the past 3 months
I've been picking and 
choosing the designs 
that would work
 with my 30 pastel circles.

I've learned so much from
this embroidery sampler.

For the last couple weeks
I've had only one circle left 
and now there
 are only a few days remaining in 
Sue's wonderful stitching exercise.

There I was stuck.
One empty circle waiting
for inspiration, 
waiting to figure out the best design
and color combo to complete the sampler 
and waiting for me to be motivated to finish.

Well, this week my friends
came to my rescue. I organized
a driveway quilt gathering.

We came together, laughed,
shared, inspired, and enjoyed
a sense of normalcy.

I finally felt like I
 could figure out
what I wanted to do
in the last empty circle.

With a renewed spirit,
uplifted by friends,
I smiled at the final stitching.
I was rescued.

Until Next Time-


  1. I love your stuck in the mud story. I think we can all relate. Love your circles. They are so beautiful. What a nice way to get back in the grove. Hugs

  2. I like your idea of a driveway gathering! I've been feeling the same way. Our lives are not that disrupted because we are retired from jobs but miss being able to go places. I have been productive but feel like I need inspiration from somewhere other than the internet.

  3. A charming red boot memory! I recall having a pair just like those. The embellished circle projects is fascinating - a wonderful variety of stitches. Like the idea of a driveway quilt show - know we all miss other family members but as quilters we value our stitching friends is hard to be isolated from them. I took time to revisit our LQS’s that have recently reopened (with restrictions) and what a treat to see friends and fabric...

  4. I may have had a matching pair of red boots. Very clever to have a quilt driveway gathering. All doldrums surely got lifted for all. Pretty pastel colors is complimentary to the others!

  5. Sometimes you just need to be with friends to get new inspiration don't you? So sorry that you are still in isolation. We have learned that the virus does not spread easily outside if you keep the 6 ft distance and don't shout or sing. Things are getting back to a little bit more normal here in our country. So grateful for that, I hope it will be better in CO soon too.
    Your circles are so sweet and lovely!

  6. Those circles are so gorgeous! I am in awe when I see these on people's blogs. You have done beautiful work--and I am glad you got "unstuck". :)
    What a fun gathering! I love how creative people are getting to still keep up with friends while keeping their distance.

  7. Your little circles are so sweet and so illustrative of all the fancy stitches we'd all love to learn. We all need to become unstuck from the quagmire that is masquerading as the 'new normal'. There is nothing normal about our lives at this point, especially for those of us who live in states where everything is governed by the daily whim expressed by the elected dictator. Sad but true.

  8. I smiled when I read about your driveway quilt meeting! Great idea. Outdoors .... perfect! So glad to hear that you are able to move on and finish that project.

  9. What a perfect design to represent your gathering, Kyle! I'm glad you figured out you can do that (meet up outdoors, at a distance) and have fun, and still feel safe.

  10. Oh this post brought a tear to my eye. Sweet memory from your childhood that evokes such a loving mom!.... and your circles are AMAZING! How wonderful to have a gathering IN PERSON with quilty friends.

  11. Beautiful circles, Kyle. Just before we left AZ, I had a backyard open air stitching gathering of 8 friends who were there to commiserate over the closing of our LQS and plan how we would gather in the future. It was so much fun. I know it lifted our spirits. Sue says she will announce a new challenge. Don't know if I am up to another one though. I still have 4 empty circles and cannot motivate myself to finish them. Make sure to share your finished sampler!

  12. What a prefect ending to a wonderful story! Your embroidery is beyond gorgeous. I am happy that you were able to spend time with your quilty friends. It makes all the difference in staying sane.

  13. Your embroidered circles are gorgeous!! Such a wonderful variety of stitches and colours. I’m glad you found a way to get together with your quilting friends.

  14. Good for you! So glad you made some progress and felt a renewal in your creativity.:)

  15. Your embroidery is beautiful. It has been a great idea. Love what you have done.
    And how lovely to work with your friends and find wonderful inspiration.

  16. Your embroidery is beyond gorgeous! Love the story about those little red boots and your mom coming to the rescue :) And the very clever idea of a driveway get-together with your quilting friends whose inspiration was just what you needed to finish that last circle :)

  17. What a lovely story. the red boots are so cute.
    The embroidery circles are just lovely. Each one a work of art in its own sake.
    So will they become a little quilt or hanging?
    The stitches are so intricate and your skill is amazing.
    How wonderful that you were able to have a gathering with quilt friends.

  18. Thanks for your story - it gave me a much-needed smile this morning!
    The embroidery is just exquisite! I never knew embroidery could be so gorgeous. Brilliant plan for making the most of your quarantine time!

  19. Beautiful embroidery! Each one a work of art! What a great idea to have a drive by Quilt party!

  20. What a lovely post . . . friends can certainly lift our spirit. I'm happy that you have been been blessed with wonderful friends, me too :)
    By the way, your embroidery is delightful and so very pretty.
    Connie :)

  21. I have really admired seeing people putting these circles together. Yours are absolutely gorgeous. Kudos for keeping up with these!