Friday, November 10, 2017

Let's Talk Some Turkey

No, I'm not quite ready to 
talk about this kind of turkey.

But rather,
about the only Thanksgiving decoration
that I usually put out.

It's my favorite.
Turkey Jack
(Sorry I can't remember the pattern.)

A long time ago 7 quilting friends
got together and made 8 of these.
We actually made an extra one to sell
to pay for the cost of our project!

The best part was that we split up the 
steps and each of us only did our individual 
part 8 times.

When the parts were combined
we each had our own special
Thanksgiving turkey.
It was a very efficient and fun way
to work on a "craft" project.
Especially, one that had so many different and varied steps. 

Some of us were better at stitching,
some were great at stuffing,
and let me say, that there is a skill to perfect stuffing,
both on and off the table, and
 we had some fantastic painters as well.
Here's our flock of handsome turkeys
already to head to their perspective homes. 
We certainly did talk turkey.
No foolin'.

Until Next Time-


  1. What a darling turkey, and that is an excellent idea, to have friends make parts and pieces!!

  2. What a great story. Assembly line sewing makes perfect sense, especially among friends. Your Turkey Jack is stuffed with fond memories. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So cute! And to think he was part of a larger flock and escaped the feast table all these years - wonderful!

  4. Those turkey are so sweet I could cobble them up !

  5. That must have been such a fun sew day! Love the turkey and that photo of them all lined up on the sofa is the best. Wonderful!

  6. They are adorable and I'll just bet you ladies had a great time working on them together. Thanks for sharing, and have a sweet weekend,
    Connie :)

  7. A very clever way to divide the labor. Most efficient, I'd say.
    Great shot of the turkeys all together!
    Okay, this is a really bad and obscure pun, but I just looked up a term that came to mind to see if it was real, and it is, so here goes.
    You could call that a photo of a "turkey-ish divan". (groan)

  8. I love the turkeys. Great way to make them. Hugs

  9. Your Turkey is adorable!
    What a great memory to share with your group of friends.
    Love seeing these dolls all lined up together - such fun!

  10. Totally love the group photo! Made me smile.

  11. Gobble Gobble
    Really cute! A fun approach to a project with lots of materials and techniques!

  12. They are so cute! I think it makes you smile every year you get it out of the box or closet for display!

  13. LOL, what a great photo at the end! I think you all came up with a great way to make them. It must have been fun!

  14. Your Turkey Jack looks right at home on your beautiful antique furniture. What a great method for making a stuffed turkey! Sounds like a fun day with your friends :)

  15. I love your turkey ! It's sooo cute :)

  16. LOL These are hilarious!! You all must have had a blast :)

  17. So darn cute! Love seeing all the friends lined up on the sofa...what a fun group!!

  18. A perfect group project! I hope your turkey's brothers and sisters are still making an annual appearance at their respective homes - I can see how it's one of your favorites!

  19. Very fun way to do a complicated craft! I can definitely see why the turkey would be special to you, year after year. Good memories!

  20. kyle que bonito pavo!! y bueno trabajar en grupo de amigas
    me encanta

  21. OMG!!! I'm in LOVE with all those turkeys! They look so handsome all lined up n the sofa! :-)