Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Rawr Means Happy Holidays in Dinosaur

Generally, this isn't the time
of year when our thoughts go
to dinosaurs. 

But if you're a 5 year old
and a 2 1/2 year old boy

you're searching for them constantly.
Maybe,  just maybe, you'll spot one.

We were lucky.

Not a dino, but a mastodon
with a dinosaur quilt!
What a lucky sighting.

The boys were hoping
this big guy would be friendly and 
be willing to part with his quilts,
just for them.
 Funny, this mastodon's Nana
uses the same pattern that this Nana
uses for her quick and easy kiddos quilt.

And she even made them extra long.
Of course, her little mastodon would 
need that to keep his toes covered.

How perfect.

Every quilter must love using a 
striped fabric for the binding.

And look, even dinosaurs quilted in the corners.
I guess it just goes to prove
that dinosaurs are popular 
no matter the time of the year
and with those big and small.
"Fa, Rawr, rawr, rawr, rawr"
Until Next Time-


  1. Good pictures! And what a delightful little boy quilt.

  2. You are such a clever Nana!
    Loved this post--dinosaurs and all. : )
    It is a great quilt, and striped binding IS the best!

  3. I can't think of a little boy alive who wouldn't love this quilt! Stripes, plaids and dots make the best bindings, especially for little people's quilts. Good job Nana!

  4. A perfect quilt for kids big and small!

  5. That's very cute! I'm sure those dino loving boys are very happy!

  6. Great photos. I remember the dinosaur years, I bet your quilt is a hit.

  7. A fun post for a fun quilt! I love striped binding :0)

  8. Such a fun quilt! I am sure it is going to be loved!

  9. This quilt is sooo cute ! What a great and funny post !

  10. The quilt is just adorable and that photo of the boys...even more so! :)

  11. You are so clever. What a fun--and HAPPY--post! The boys are so cute and so is the quilt! Great binding, too.

  12. Love the quilt & the photo of your grands looking for nostalgic remembering how all little boys go through the dinosaur years! Striped binding....oh yes!!! The best binding ever and yours is a perfect choice.

  13. How sweet! I'll bet that will be one cherished quilt!

  14. What great good luck that you spotted that mastodon! And with such adorable quilts!! Think she's been snooping around in your sewing room?

  15. Oh how this reminds me of when my boys were small and obsessed with all things related to dinosaurs. What a fun time. Your quilt is absolutely dino-mite! LOL

  16. what a fun and happy post. The boys are so cute! Great photo shoot and so so clever.
    I love that striped binding - wee

  17. I bet you all had a blast! What a fun collection, and another great quilt. :D

  18. cute! I'm sure they will love them :)