Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Grapes, Inside and Out

Last Friday my grape hyacinths 
 looked like this.

By Sunday they looked like this:
 wearing little snow caps and

buried under another 6 inches of new springtime snow.

At least the grapes I've been working on
haven't been affected by the weather.

I'm on the final part of the borders for

 Noah and Matilda
who, if you remember, 
 have been stuck in a tote for over a year.

Slowly and steadily the borders have
been appliqued.

Next it was time for adding the grapes. 

Hundreds of small circles had been prepped.

I found it easiest to make a template for precise placement
rather than using the light table.

 Then using a glue stick
I marked the positions of the 12
individual circles.
The purple school glue shows up great
and dries clear.

It was super easy to correctly
place the prepped circles
and applique.

I had actually thought the grapes would be the hardest
part, but no! 

I was pleasantly surprised.

A few more bunches to go
and then it will be time to figure out the corners.

The end is in sight.

just like the snow here in Colorado.

Until Next Time-


  1. What a clever idea, making a template! This makes complete sense to me - thank you for sharing. Your quilt top is beautiful. So much lovely appliqué.

  2. So sorry you are having snow. Ugh... Spring has to come eventually! Great idea to use a template.. would have never thought of that - Thanks! Your grapes look delicious!

  3. While watching the weather I saw that Colorado was getting hit with snow and thought of you. We finally got some warm weather.
    Your Noah and Matilda quilt is looking so beautiful. Hugs

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to see the entire quilt. Lovely work and I love the snow!

  5. clever are YOU!! That is the perfect solution for your grape placement! Your quilt is going to be a gorgeous heirloom! WOW! However...the snow just plain out sucks!:o((

  6. Purple school glue - who knew!? Your little grapes are absolutely perfect, and you've made it look so easy and doable. I don't envy you the snow but your photos are beautiful.

  7. Oh la la .... hey ho ! Mr Spring where are you ??
    Your appliqué is gorgeous and how clever is this method....bravo Kyle !
    Your quilt is going to be awesome !!

  8. Oh your poor grape hyacinths in the snow ! But the quilt...oh the border and your grapes are coming along beautifully.

  9. What an awesome idea for the template! It all looks wonderful to me.:)

  10. Noah and Matilda is looking beautiful! Your grapes turned out perfect. Such a great idea using a template like that. I heard there was snow headed your way, I hope that is the last of it.

  11. The little bunches of grapes add so much to the border. Almost I used with this one :)
    Glad the snow stayed in Colorado, we just got rain out of that storm.

  12. Your grapes look wonderful!! Your border applique is progressing well - you'll have an incredible finish soon :0) I love how you fussy cut the grapes from different fabrics. Snow is such a discouraging way to get moisture in the spring but it will make everything grow once it melts.

  13. Wow - what a clever way to get accurate placement of that part of your appliqued border - I've never seen that done before. Did you invent it yourself? Love how you fussy cut all those circles as you prepped them - they look SO great! I'm being very patient with this unsettled spring weather because I never look forward the heat of summer. Happy sewing! (I've made two quilt labels today and was thinking of you as I made them cuz you're my inspiration!)

  14. Love your applique border and the great method to get the grapes placed precisely every time, thanks for showing us that trick! What a beautiful quilt this is, enjoy.

  15. What a treat to see your applique - and a clever method for placement! Isn't it nice when things work out easier than we thought they might be? Goodness your weather is confusing those poor flowers - but they'll still be there when the snow melts :)

  16. What a wonderful post. You are so creative! Your quilt is beautiful and the template for the placement of the berries is ingenious! Who knew about using purple glue?? Great idea!

  17. Your appliqué is PERFECTION !!!!

    Stunning quilt !

  18. I used to be so allergic to those grape hyacinth, and we had them along the side of the home where I grew up.
    Your appliqued grapes are stunning--and such a clever method of placement.
    We had the snow for a couple of days solid, but we had received so much warm rain for a few days prior that it just melted pretty much as it landed. It never piled up like yours. Must have become a colder front as it passed over the Wasatch range. : )

  19. You must have a million circles to sew on!

  20. oooh I love grape hyacinths! Are you sweet berries stuffed?
    If you need to have to have a template, this is a great way to do it. clever!

  21. Your snow photos are so pretty. It's amazing to me how flowers survive in the snow. It's good to see you're warm and snug inside sewing beautiful things. That is such a great tip about placing grapes.

  22. Your grapes are so cute, Kyle! I love the fussy cutting. :D That is a great idea to use the template from the front, much easier with the long border piece. You're in the final stretch!

  23. Such dear little flowers to welcome spring - and then Mother Nature decides to play tricks! Heard you received quite the snow - hoping by now it has melted and you can see that pretty blue flower again. Your border is looking well on its way to being complete - great fussy cutting - so fun to see your progress on this.

  24. Your indoor grapes are gorgeous and safe! The outdoor ones are gorgeous, too, and they are tough to put up with that snow.

  25. Wonderful work and great tips.