Thursday, February 11, 2016

Team Work

 Way back 
when I was in school and 
had to do a group project 
it was so important to pair up with someone
who actually knew what
working as a team meant.
 Remember when that didn't happen.

This year my dear friend, Norma and I

 teamed up to make
two baby quilts.
We belong to a quilt group that
meets in a local church and
makes baby quilts for a ministry there
to offset the 
use of the building.
It's a great win win situation.

  Norma had a bunch of Fig Tree charms
that she didn't think she'd be using and

those quickly got stitched into a Chinese Coins pattern and
a little square medallion. 
So easy.

In a recent post I mentioned 
how careful I am about marking on quilts.
Well, I decided to throw caution to the wind
and try the Sewline
Air Erasable Fabric Pen.
 It marks with a very fine
sharp line,
which makes it very easy 
to machine quilt on.

And then the lines
vanish in a few days 
depending on how dark you mark.
Mine were actually gone
in a few hours.
I loved that!

I'm not sure how the word "vanished"
is defined, but
with the baby quilts it didn't bother me.
I figured they'll be washed lots and
if everything hadn't vanished, it soon would.

It was great handing the quilts off 
after they were machine quilted
for my teammate to do the binding and labels.

Two easy quilts
done and ready for new babies
All done with perfect team work.

Until Next Time-


  1. I'm thinking that there are going to be two very happy babies snuggled in these quilts - just lovely.

  2. Those are two beautiful baby quilts. The colors are gorgeous. Sounds like you are still a great team together. I feel your pain with marking on quilts. I will have to give this pen a try. Thanks for the review on it.

  3. Two beautiful quilts, well done! Will have to try that marking pen sometime. Sounds like a great product if the lines do truly disappear forever.

    1. I don't think a lot of these newer marking products have really stood the test of time. So I'm not sure what the long term results might be, but with these two quilts it was worth the risk. I hope the quilts get plenty of use.

  4. Now that's teamwork at it's best! Gorgeous quilts!!

  5. How nice to sew with a friend--the little quilts are adorable! I haven't seen the pen around yet--I'll be on the lookout. It seems to be an endless search for the perfect marking tool!

  6. Yay for teamwork and yay for those cute quilts!

  7. Love the Fig Tree fabrics. They made up into lovely baby quilts! Sure to be used a lot.:)

  8. I love the thought of two cute babies snuggled under these lovely quilts. Makes you feel good, huh? Congrats on a great teamwork finish!

  9. Awesome fun working as part of a team, not to mention quicker! Great results.

  10. 2 beautiful quilts for 2 special little babies!
    Such a great relationship your group has with the Church.
    Congratulations on the wonderful team work.

  11. 2 beautiful quilts for 2 special little babies!
    Such a great relationship your group has with the Church.
    Congratulations on the wonderful team work.

  12. What beautiful baby quilts! Isn't it amazing what you can make with just a few little pieces of fabric. Thanks for the tip about the Sew Line marking pen. Your teamwork really worked!

  13. Darling quilts, and just love the picture of you and your friend!

  14. Those are two beautiful baby quilts. Wonderful work!

  15. Those are two beautiful baby quilts. Wonderful work!

  16. What wonderful baby quilts! I love the fabrics :0) they will be well loved im sure!

  17. Excellent results of your teamwork.
    I've been afraid to try the air erasables because I often mark and then don't get to the quilting for days. : ) You are obviously more efficient than I am.

  18. Great picture of you and Norma. (: The quilts turned out beautiful. I have never tried the disappearing pens. How much can you mark before the ink runs out?

  19. I'm quite a fan of those Fig Tree fabrics. Two gorgeous quilts! Excellent team work. :D

  20. Well done - two very sweet quilts - quilters as a team are hard to beat.

  21. Very pretty quilts! Lucky babies!

  22. Lovely quilts! Teamwork at its best!

  23. Great team work!! 2 beautiful quilt for 2 lucky babies. I really like the fabrics you used, a nice change from baby pink or blue. It's handy to hear your thoughts on the marking pens.

  24. Sweet baby quilts. Always fun to work with a quilt buddy on quilts.

  25. These 2 quilts are so sweet, I like also the quilting. It is so good to have a friend to work with, isn't it? In my pile of quilts waiting for quiltinf there is a baby chinese coins quilt. Thanks for the tip about the pen. Hugs

  26. Oh, what fun! The quilts are beautiful and it is always fun to work with a friend. I too am very cautious when marking my quilts. I think you'll be fine with a baby quilt that will be washed a lot!

  27. what sweet sister quilts. What a nice ministry.
    Thanks for sharing he info on the vanishing pen. We can all be magicians.
    love that Vintage photo :)