Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Polka Dot Dottie Would Love This Quilt

 When I was a little kiddo
I remember having a children's Golden Book
about Rootie Kazootie
and his girl friend, Polka Dot Dottie.

She loved polka dots.
One day she hung out her laundry and 

suddenly all the polka dots where stolen
by Poison Zanazboo.

But like all good stories
there was a happy ending when all the
polka dots where eventually returned
and all was happy again in Kazootieland.

Don't you just love polka dots?

Back in the early spring
I was inspired by the cover of
Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke's book

Material Obsession.
That's a lot of dots, but
I loved it.

So I collected fabrics

and made Dresden Plate blocks
hand appliqueing the pedals and center circles.

 And before I knew it the quilt was done.
Sometimes that happens when the
quilt is "just fun" to work on.

All those bright fabrics
and dancing red and white polka dots
It's a quilt full of excitement and energy.

Rootie wouldn't have had to
do much detective  work
 to find all the dots in this quilt and

Polka Dot Dottie
would have been thrilled.

 I knew it might be hard to see the machine quilting
with so much movement in the fabric.
 It needed to be kept simple and playful.

I kept those spots and dots
all in a straight line by
 carefully cut out the binding.

I even found the perfect backing fabric
with more tiny polka dots.

Polka dots just make you smile.
They're playful, fun and
they have the power to make you feel great!

Until Next Time-


  1. Yes, yes I do love polka dots!!! This quilt is perfection and what a fun story to share with it. I think it's too cute to see that our passion for polka dots has a whole story book dedicated to it. How clever of you to find it and share it! I know you must be pleased with the quilt. It's awesome! And the binding, way to go!!!

  2. Do you still have that book mom? and I love you new quilt!

  3. That's a beautiful quilt and a hilarious kids book I've never heard of!! Looks like a great book. I remember my collecting of polka dots as I was making my granddaughter's quilt. I was pleased with how it turned out and still have it here, awaiting the day when I think she'll take care of it (she's 19 and a slob..HA!).

  4. What a FUN quilt! I love it! And that story - what a wonderful tie-in.

  5. I love your dotty quilt! Very bright and colorful on this snowy morning.

  6. Fantastic, I bet your grandchildren will love using it when they visit. I like how you handled the label.

  7. I've never seen that book--so cute.
    Wow, what a quilt! Full of happiness and fun! I am amazed at the way the dots line up on the binding--hats off to you, Kyle. A delightful confection of a quilt! : )

  8. This is too funny Kyle! Remember I made a Dresden Plate table runner for my brother's wedding gift a few weeks ago? Well, I had so much fun with it, that I am currently in the middle of making a small (9 block) Dresden Plate quilt for myself - with not a polka dot in sight though. I'm using striped fabric which makes concentric circles and it's been so interesting to see it develop. I must've seen a picture of your inspiration quilt somewhere because I'm adding the circles between the plates too. I'll share a picture soon. YOURS turned out very, very cute - and oh so playful! Did you applique by hand or machine? Is there a lucky recipient in mind?

  9. What a wonderful post!! They can NEVER say that books don't influence us!! haha I love it...and love the name of your quilt! Your quilt is DDG!!! (Drop Dead Gorgeous!!) Well done!

  10. Oh Kyle! What a funny post! You're a great writer. You write with love and dedication, and you do the same with your quilts, so the result of both is wonderful.
    I appreciate each of your words and each of your jobs. thanks for sharing, Sil

  11. What a cute story book!! What fantastic names :0) Your quilt is gorgeous! That line of polka dots down the batting is terrific. A beautiful finish that you will enjoy using.

  12. I do love polka dots. What a great invention.:) Your quilt is fabulous! I have eyed that quilt many times but you actually made one! The backing is great. So glad to see it all come together for you. You're gonna love getting to use this one!

  13. Polka Dot Dottie is such a fun and happy quilt! Congratulations on such a fantastic finish! Amazing how you lined up those polka dots on the binding. Rookie Kazootie is a new one for me, cute story.

  14. How fun is this quilt !! I have never heard of that book before. Who doesn't love Polka Dots ;-D

  15. What a fun post and story. Your polka dot quilt is certainly a happy quilt! Like the way you kept the dots straight on the binding for a nice finish! Great label, too!

  16. I've not heard of that Golden Book but it's obviously a great memory for you, and your quilt will be to. It's just so much fun!

  17. Wow - I love this! I've not seen that book but if it inspired this quilt I need to look it up. :) blessings, marlene

  18. What a wonderful tale of dotty fun, and an absolutely gorgeous quilt!!It didn't seem so long ago that you started this quilt. I'm impressed you kept the dots straight. This is one of those quilts that will make you smile each time you see it.

  19. Well, that's a fun quilt! The backing is perfect, I love aqua and red together. And I'm very impressed with your binding -- I'm getting pretty impatient by then! :D

  20. Dots galore! I have never heard of that children's story. Looks like it would be a fun one.

  21. This is such a beautiful quilt, who doesn't love polka dots, so pretty and fun!

  22. This is such a happy and also beautiful quilt!
    I love those childhood flashback stories - reading one always makes me smile.
    Thanks for sharing this one with us. Congratulations on a wonderful quilt!

  23. I love polka dots, too, but I don't know that book. Your quilt is soooo happy!

  24. I have never heard of that book--it sounds hilarious (and cute)! Your quilt is so fun and dotty--Dresdens and Polka Dots--love the combination!

  25. Wee ! what a fun post and wonderfully fun quilt. Makes me smile. I've never seen that particular book - but I think I'd love it.
    Great photos, especially on the fence.
    Your posts are always so well thought out and executed. It is always a wonderful place to visit.

  26. That is one amazing polka dot quilt!! And all your dots are so well behaved - Rootie is doing a happy dance. That book has been on my shelf since it came out - way out of my comfort zone but it is filled with delight - maybe one of these days...