Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Happy May Day Quilt

 One of my antique quilts 
reminds me of May Day:
flowers, and high expectations 
of warmer weather.

April showers bring May flowers.

 Antique Tulip Applique
Red, Green and Cheddar
approximate age mid nineteen century
91" x 77"

The quilt itself is in great shape.
The red fabric though is shredding and
 is very fragile.
But the flowers are happy and the green
is that lovely shade of poison green
that I love.

The cheddar adds a special color element.

There are a few pieces of red that 
have stood the test of time.
The red  binding is very narrow, but has

The alternating plain blocks are
quilted with tiny even stitches.

The basket pattern is consistant in all the blocks,

but the floral arrangement is different in each basket.
How fun is that!

 And what do these may flowers bring?
Happy thoughts and sunshine smiles
And wishes for a wonderful Spring.

Except for the front range here in Colorado

Look at our spring weather!
Until Next Time-


  1. What a stunning antique quilt. You are lucky to have it in your possession!
    Spring snow!

  2. What a gorgeous and cheerful spring quilt! How wonderful to have such a treasure to enjoy. This is a strange spring for many, for us it is much drier than usual and our next ten days are expected to be in upper 70s to mid 80s. I'm afraid by August we will be in drought conditions if we don't have more of our usual spring rains, though I love the sunshine.

  3. Such a sweet quilt to own! Beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing.:)

  4. Those tulips in snow look familiar ;-)
    LOVE your quilt. It has all the best features - great colors, wonderful quilting and nice setting. Love it!!

  5. I love your antique quilt, wow. just my colors and the quilting is great.
    sorry about the tulips I have been watching the weather and thought of you with this crazy snow in May!

  6. Poor tulip! oh my!
    What a lovely antique quilt. That limey green is great and the cheddar too of course.
    Too bad about the red, but it is still a pretty quilt for May!

  7. Your tulip photo has the same coloring as the quilt. Love it! That is a beauty of a quilt. So much hand work! It is a shame to see it deteriorating, but it must have been well used and enjoyed. Let's just call it shabby chic. Stylish!

  8. That's a beautiful antique quilt! Sorry about the snow on your real tulips. We've been blessed with several days of gorgeous weather this week.