Monday, April 25, 2011

Take a Peek

I took some of my own advice
and did some spring cleaning.
Not much I admit.

Welcome to the chest of doom.
 aka: the frig

Just a peek.
It's amazing what can get crammed in there,
forgotten, and allowed to create new strains of 

the full monty.

Not too freaky
so I won't be asked to be on
"The Hoarders".

It just needed 3 jars of sweet gerkins to be 
some outdated things to be trashed,
 some unusual Asian condinments and sauces
to be reevaluated, and
mystery spills to be cleaned.

Look'n good.

I closed the door and told Ed to come look.
He did.
Big smile.
Then he opened the freezer door and
had a look of confusion.
That's another whole project.
And not today.
Until Next Time-


  1. Funny!! Not even close to Hoarders!!

  2. I love the good feeling I get when I clean out my frig. Should probably do it more often.