Friday, April 1, 2011

No Fooling, It's a Fabulous Friday

For Today:
Looking Out My Window: No Fooling!  This is what we saw the other day out our window. There were 3 deer following the edge of the lake. I loved it.  Hope they were careful.  We live in the middle of the city.

My Weekend Plans Include: The Weather person is predicting that we may have 80 degrees on Saturday.    That would mean I have to report for leaf and stick patrol.  I guess the sooner we get it done, the better. 

I’m Reading: The Miracles of Santo Fico, by D. L. Smith

Movie Marquee: Dexter, season two, and Unstoppable with Denzel Washington.

Something Quiltie: Quilters are such generous and sharing people as a group.  They share ideas, techniques, patterns and designs, information, and their friendship.

One of My Favorite Things: I got my new American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine this week.  Should I look at it right away or find time later to savor each page?   Actually, I did both.  I looked through it quickly and then today took my time checking out what's new. It's my favorite quilting magazine.

What’s For Dinner:  A new pasta recipe from Cooking Light.  If it's good I'll let you know.  The new things I tried this week were only so so.  Not a successful week for new recipe picks.
A Favorite Photo:
The heron has been showing up every 
evening as the sun begins to set.
March 30, 2011

Have a Wonderful Weekend, 
No Fooling,
Until Next Time-

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  1. Great shot of the heron! I checked the same book out at the library and get ready for a bumpy ride watching Unstoppable. Have a great weekend!