Wednesday, February 3, 2016

B's to the 5th Power

 When I worked at the local quilt shop
customers would come in and
ask for many things all
beginning with the letter "B".

It actually confused some quilters
with so many B words.

Were they looking for 

Over the past couple of weeks,
 I've been working on
" B's to the 5th power!"

But let's back up just a bit.
Over the past year, like many others,
I studied fabrics
from Barbara Brackman's
Quilt Along,
"Stars in a Time Warp".

I completed 72 sawtooth star blocks
and decided to set them in a 
medallion style.

 I chose a center block from
Di Ford's Antique Wedding Sampler.

I hand pieced the block and
then added Broderie Perse applique
to the corners and
then a narrow border print to frame 
the block.
Instead of needle turning the appliques
I fused the pieces and cut them out exactly and
finished the edges with a buttonhole stitch.

I found it pretty challenging keeping the stitches an 
even depth and an even width apart.
I wasn't sure how close to make the stitches because
I didn't want it to look like a satin stitch.
So I did my own thing.
Then came the B-words, Borders.
This is a French General border print
and I only had 2 yards.  The mitered
corners came out perfectly, but I didn't
have enough to really fiddle with 
the corner design.
All four corners are the same,
but don't quite have the "

Wow" factor.

 While I was looking
in my resource piles, I discovered
a great piece for the Backing.

It's rather plain,
but it's a great piece of reproduction fabric
that's almost vintage a second time around.

Does anyone remember that line?
Add a leftover piece of the border print
and now it's the perfect size.

Next comes Batting.
I was feeling so proud of my make-do attitude.
I fused 5 narrow strips of batting together

using a light weight fusible interfacing.
that I cut 2 inches wide. 
Five pieces out of the closet and 
now a piece ready for Basting

 I'm planning on machine quilting this
myself, so it might take a while to get done.

But in the mean time I 
worked on the last B-word,
It's ready whenever I am.

Just wanted to send a big thank you
to Barbara Brackman for
sharing her wealth of knowledge
with so many. 

Just realized I could say B's to the 7th power...
Broderie Perse
Sorry, I can get carried away!

Until Next Time-

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Quilts to Inspire

 A couple of weeks ago I headed
to Golden, Colorado to visit the 
and was totally captivated by 
the exhibit,
"In the British Tradition:
Hand-Stitched Reproduction Quilts
by Carolyn König.

 Aunt Green's Quilt
 (in person)

Carolyn is a well recognized quilter and designer
both in Australia and internationally. 

Hertfordshire Quilt or
Mrs. Billings Quilt

I think what intrigues me the most
is Carolyn's use of fabrics.

 1860 Marriage quilt

Each block is different and so intricate.
She uses so many different fabrics
to reproduce the original complex antique quilts.

 Nineteenth Century Folk Art

 When I look at her meticulous hand piecing
and applique, I'm in awe.

I was the only one at the museum that day
and spent a long time studying and enjoying
these elaborate quilts.
It was a very special treat.
Charleston Rhapsody

I had to purchase her book
 carolyns new book

 if for nothing more than 
to enjoy the photos over and over again
and be inspired by her talent.
There's always the hope that one day
I'll stitch one of those patterns.

Until Next Time-

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sometimes Bigger is Better

 We've always been told that
bigger is better.
But that isn't always necessarily true.

A bigger house, 
a bigger car,
equals bigger payments.

A big Gulp,
a big Mac,
equals big calories.

But sometimes bigger is better.

I just finished my quilt
Basket and Stars.
 I had
Big stitched

using Barb's Big Baptist Fan Stencil

You can find this incredible stencil
on her Esty shop here.

In this case, bigger was better.

I had finished the top of Baskets and Stars
in the fall.
It was a Moda kit I had purchased in the spring and
was part of the Collection of a Cause where
the proceeds were going to the Texas Quilt Museum.

"Baskets and Stars"
70" X 70"

The quilting went so fast
and was so fun using
Barb's fabulous stencil and 
stitching with Aurifil #12 thread.

 Look at the amount of
space the stencil covered.
If you haven't tried quilting using
big stitches and some kind
of embroidery cotton for thread,
 you definitely must do it.

I'm pretty conservative when it comes
to marking a quilt.
In this case I used a Sewline

Mechanical Marking Pencil
with white lead.

I usually don't wash my quilts when
I'm done so I wanted the lines to be very faint
and not use some thing that would
add any chemicals to the fibers.

I even had one block leftover that I could
use for the label.
I had hoped to have this done in December,
but the binding just had to wait until January.
It's a wonderful quilt to have finished in 2016.

Until Next Time-