Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day by Day

  Day 1- get a package in the mail

Day 2- Cut and Sew two borders
and baste

Day 3- Simple Machine Quilting

 Day 4- Sew the Binding

Day 5- Time to play at Nana's

 Don't you wish every quilt was this quick!
 Until Next Time-

Monday, August 24, 2015

School Bells

If I listened closely this morning
I could almost here the school bells

 ringing in the distance.

It's that time of year again
and I've been spending time over
in Mrs. W's 4th Grade classroom Here

  Doesn't she look excited?
She is!
It's a new batch of kiddos and 
there's lots of fun learning ahead.

We've been decorating bulletin boards

making it a fun and encouraging place.

Eager nervous students
are all their places with 
 bright happy faces.

It's going to be a fun year.
Thank you to all the teachers who 
work so hard
shaping the future and believing in our children.
You have been blessed with a special gift.

 Until Next Time-

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Prairie Skirts

 If you're looking for a great idea for
a small group activity,
here's a good one.

It's called 4 by 4.
Four members bring
4 quilts and talk about 
their quilting journey.

It's a great way to learn new things
about quilting in general,  
get inspired and 
of course, a fantastic way to get
to know your members better.

This week I was one of the 4 
in my Quilt Therapy group
sharing a bit of our quilt history.

This is one of the quilts I brought.
Prairie Skirts
42" X 42"

*Side note:
I just had to take a photo of the quilt as a horse blanket.
One of the funniest requests I had
when I worked at the quilt shop was
" Do you have a quilt pattern to make 

This quilt was made 
 using fabrics from an early line 
of Jinny Beyers when she was just
beginning to design fabrics for VIP.

Her beautiful quilts and 
fabric designs were and continue to influence
quilters to explore interesting and creative ways
to use fabrics to create secondary patterns
within the blocks.

Now this might seem
common place,
but with her India-inspired designs,
 monochromatic palettes, 
complicated border prints,
and rich colors it was pretty new for 
many quilters, including me
way back when.

One of my few claims to fame 
was having this quilt included in 

September, 1985

I had seen the theatrical performance
of "The Quilters"

and had used this variation of a kaleidoscope
pattern to represent the movement 
of women's skirts being blown
by the ceaseless prairie winds.
These brave women's lives
were filled both with hardships and joys
and that's what I tried to show.

I hope that one day
you get to be part of a 4 by 4 presentation.
It's good for us to dig back
into our quilt piles
 and rediscover our quilting roots.
You might be surprised
and even impressed to
see where you have journeyed.
Until Next Time-

Friday, August 14, 2015

Ewe and Me...Done!

 I wish I could say I've been as
busy as a
instead I've been more like a

I've talked about snails before,
I must have a subconscious love affair.

I finally finished my 
Ewe and Me quilt that was
started in January, 2014
as the quilt of the year on
The Quilt Show.

You have seen it before in various states, 
but now it's officially done.

Janet Stone designed the pattern.
I had my wonderful machine quilter, Kathy,
quilt the majority of it back in Feb.

In March I added 
the quilting to the individual blocks 
representing each letter.

I did the Log Cabin,
the backgrounds and 
borders were done by Kathy.

 I wanted to add my 
interpretation to the blocks,

but I couldn't wrestle doing the whole thing.

 I used a line of  Sandy Gervais fabric
that I had been holding on to (hoarding)
for about 15-16 years!

But I do have to admit,
it worked up pretty good in this pattern.

So the quilt has been done since March.  
It's just been waiting for the binding.
So I waited until the hottest day of the summer

and finally got it stitched down.
It seems that the snail
and I might have a lot
in common, not too smart.

 Until Next Time-