Friday, July 22, 2016

Log Cabin Loonies

Did you see the full moon this month?
It's lunar charm was shining brightly. 
Here in the US it's sometimes called the 
buck moon, as it's the time of the year 
when male deer begin to grow their antlers
or the Thunder Moon due to the increased

number of thunderstorms.

Here, it's referred to as the
time to check in with Julie and 
the rest of her Log Cabin Loonies.   

I have been working on my 
Strawberry and Chocolate quilt.

 I played with several different arrangements
using the 16 blocks and finally settled on this one.

It seemed kind of magical to have pulled 
all the strips out of this bin.


Who would have realized 
that this quilt was in there, so to speak.
It was just waiting for me to pull out the right
strips and sew them together! 

Is that due to some 
 mystical lunar influence?

We'll see what happens by August 18th,
the next full moon. 
  Until Next Time-

Friday, July 15, 2016

Back Burner Update

It seems like the past week
has flown by.
I had committed myself to
only working on those stalled projects
that needed to be taken off the back burner.

I'm afraid, as always,
I tried to bite off more than I could chew.

But that doesn't mean that 
I didn't have a successful week.

I sauteed some small pieces into
2 inch four patches and pinwheels.  

and those were combined into 41-six inch blocks.

That's not all....

They were whipped together with 40 other six inch blocks
that were from an earlier
mystery quilt designed by Thimble Creek Quilts. 

I had used all scraps and "leftovers".

 There are still borders to figure out,
but I guess I'll move it back to the back burner
for just awhile longer to simmer.

It was fun to get out my kitchen aide mixer

 and mix up some new fabric combos

for the last four full size hexagons
I need for "Route 66" designed by Di Ford.

 I hung up the last
set that I just finished.

I'm getting closer.

One more tasty treat.

Look what finally popped out of the oven.
It had baked long enough.

Snow Happens
by Bird Brain Designs.

This has been my traveling "snack food" since
the start of the year.
It was ready to be done and enjoyed

with the red geraniums of summer.

There's still plenty lingering on those
crowded back burners,
but I'm feeling quite happy with
this week's baking.

Until Next Time-

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Back Burner

 It seems 
that I have a lot of projects on the back burner,
and I need to get to them.

I'll be working hard and


but you'll just have to stop by
next week
 to see if
 what I've accomplished. 
Have a great week.

Until Next Time-