Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Softly Tootin' My Own Horn and Some Other Things

 My mom always told me
never to "toot your own horn".
It was bragging and, besides,
others would see your good work and take notice.

But today
I'm breaking that rule, but 
  I hope I'm not tooting too loudly.
I have completely finished

 Dutch Chintz Medallion
2014- 2015
63" x 63"

It's taken a year and a half,
6 installments of Quiltmania magazine,
a fabulous design by Di Ford,
and perseverance.

It was fabulous to work with the Dutch Chintz

I had never done Broderie Perse applique before
or English Paper pieced hexagons.
The design brought forth new challenges and skills.

I didn't like how these football shapes didn't touch.
So I added some tiny circles to connect
them altogether.

And mitering borders
is always a challenge for me.

Then there was the decision on how to quilt it.
I combined both machine quilting in the ditch and

 hand quilting the open areas.

Today it's done

 and the label sewn on.

Tah Tah Dah!
Last Saturday Running Man drew three names
to win the three fabric baskets I had made 
in conjunction with my birthday celebration 
and my year of fun.
Here are the winners:
Basket #1 - Cathy of Quilting on Main Street
Basket #2 - Sandy L.  
( I still need to hear back from you, Sandy.)

Basket #3 - Julie of JulieKQuilts

Thanks  to everyone who took the time to 
leave a sweet comment.  I appreciate all of you.

The Fourth of July holiday is 
just around the corner here in the States.

Have a wonderful celebration.

Until Next Time-

Thursday, June 25, 2015

When Jupiter Aligns With Mars

 Yesterday was just one of those days.
No, no, not a bad day,
but a day where things went perfectly.

One of my favorite songs in 1969
was by the 5th Dimension,
Aquarius, Let the Sunshine In.
Anyone remember that?

 "When the moon is in the seventh house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
And peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars"

It was a rockin' good day.
Everything was perfectly aligned.
I had a beautiful start
Photo by Jessica Redente Wolfe
when one of my favorite helpers came to play.
Then in the afternoon I simply
seemed to flow from one project to another
in a perfect rhythm.

I finished hand quilting

I had already made the binding and
decided there was no reason to wait sewing it on.

Oh, my gosh.
I'm so close to being done with this
mystery quilt designed by Di Ford 
that started in 2014.

The planets stayed aligned
and I knew there was no better time
to start the free embroidery pattern, "3 Cheers", that
 Crabapple Hill had published last week.
I decided to enlarge the pattern and 
will probably make it into a pillow.

It's a sweet design that reminds me of
simpler times of decorating our bikes and riding them
in the 4th of July parades back home
in Michigan where I grew up.

Meg's pattern shares
a successful way of using crayons
with your embroidery.
First, heavily color the areas 
that you're going to color with white crayon
and then add the colored crayons on top.  It makes the 
wax and colors smoother when
you use the iron to melt it into the fabric.

Also a reminder 
you have today and tomorrow 
to leave a comment in my post
Because you could win
one of these awesome fabric baskets
to help me celebrate.
 Everyone needs a basket
and one of these could be yours.

The day ended with a summer music concert
over at Colorado State University.
 It was simply a day to 
"Let the Sunshine In."

Until Next Time-

Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Birthday To You Too!

 I had a birthday last week.

It was one of those birthdays!
A big one.

It's the birthday where the government sends 
you a red, white and blue card.
And now you're
in the health care system along with
all the other baby boomers.

But who cares when you have
this kind of lovin'
In order to soften the blow
just have a party.
 Chantilly Cake from Whole Foods

I also need you to help me celebrate.
I have a couple of gifts I'd like 
to share with three of my fantastic blog readers.

Remember all those baskets I 
was sewing?
Well, one of them could be yours.

Happy Birthday #1

Happy Birthday #2

Happy Birthday #3

Just leave a comment 
sharing what's your favorite 
birthday dessert or favorite way to celebrate
and your name will go into the drawing.
Running Man will be randomly drawing three names,
#1 = basket #1
#2 = basket #2
#3 = basket #3
this coming Friday, June 26th at
the end of the day.

Make sure you leave an email
if you're a no reply blogger.

Nothing could be sweeter

than spending this special time
with those who love you the most.

Until Next Time-

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Influnced by Linda Brannock

 Recently I became aware that 
quilt designer and Moda fabric designer,
 Linda Brannock,
had passed away.
Barbara Brackman had written a 
nice blog tribute to Linda and her
contributions to the quilting world.

I never had the opportunity to take a class
from Linda or meet her,
but her designs and fabrics
have influenced my quilts over the years

Snowbound, 1990
When she and Gerry Kimmel and Jan Patek
published their book, Snowbound, in 1989
I was hooked.

Snowbound was a class that I taught many
times at my local quilt shop.
 Everyone always enjoyed adding details to 
 the children to make the quilt their own.
 It was an incredibly fun quilt to make.

Her primitive look was so refreshing
and casual.
It was so new at the time.

 Stars Within Hearts
The aged colors and fabric patterns gave a warmth
and mellowed look
to all her design.

Lone Cabin

The puzzle type or asymmetrical composition of the blocks
almost seemed revolutionary for a sampler.

Scrappy was also a key component.  Old quilting 
rules were abandoned.  Matchy was not necessary.
The more fabrics, the merrier.


Looking at these quilts today
the scrappiness is
pretty conservative in comparison to
what people do today.

Hand applique seemed to be her preferred method
to achieve the slightly
more primitive look.

Quilters were always encouraged in her books
to create our very own one-of-a-kind quilt.

My girls always thought Jonah resembled
Running Man and he did, kind of,
 minus the grey at the time.

 Pepper, Kitty

Plaids, strips, and prints all got used together
with these friendly Halloween kitties.

I've always loved her folk art style and

it has and will continue to
be a special part of my quilting journey.

Thanks, Linda.

Until Next Time-