Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Couple of Favorite Tools- Tool Time

Have you ever had to share
your favorite quilting tool?

Seeing I started quilting back in
the prerotary cutter era,
I guess most conveniences
 could be considered useful.

The reason I'm pondering this
philosophical question is
because next month at a quilt meeting
we're to bring and share a favorite quilting tool.

I decided it might as well
be something I've recently used.
My reasoning being,
if I weren't using it,
it wouldn't be useful.

Last week I finished
binding the Pinwheel Baby quilt.

The tool I love and used to save time
is the Clover Needle Dome.

It's a fantastic storage place for your
prethreaded needles.
I admit, I store at least 3 threaded needles
in each of the 10 slots.
That's 30 needles threaded, wound on a reel,
 and ready to go.
There's no tangling, no fuss, no muss. 
It's one of the top tools on my list.

The second tool can save you
 from being embarrassed.
It saves you from looking like you
don't know what you're doing.

It's another great tool from Clover.

If you haven't seen this, it needs
to be in your arsenal of tools,
just for emergencies.

Here's a close-up of the
tiny hook on the end.

Why did I need it?

I discover a bush league error.

While hanging the baby quilt outside
 for it's official photo shoot,

I spied many stray navy threads.
I obviously hadn't been very careful clipping threads
especially, next to the dark pinwheels.

These rogue navy threads were
 shadowing through white areas.
I should have taken a photo
of some of the really bad ones,
but I was too embarrassed.

But my embarrassment was soon evaded.
The thread pic gently went through
the weave of the fabric and lassoed
those stray threads

 leaving no punctures, holes or marks.
I did use some tweezers to gently
remove the evidence.

It took a bit of time to remove all the
stray threads I had left behind.
I learned a lesson, but
this great little tool saved me.

I think I'm going to share how tools
 can save you time,
and help you save face.

Until Next Time-

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Log Cabin Loonie

 The full moon this month
has been quite delicious.
It's believed that 
June's full moon is called a strawberry moon
because it's the month when
berries begin ripening.

This month was a double treat
with the Summer Solstice and the
bella luna coinciding on the same day, June 20th.

Julie over at JulieKQuilts
has been encouraging anyone
interested in making a log cabin quilt
to join in with her and other Log Cabin Loonies
and share their progress during each full moon.

I'm not sure if you become a loonie
because you're starting a new project
or if the pull of the moon
affects your behavior changing you into a loonie
who then must start a new project.

Either way,
I have joined in.

I've been cutting 1 1/4" strips for years
 and tossing them into a basket for 
a someday log cabin quilt. 

Julie's invitation was the exact motivation
I needed to dive in and get sewing.
I found as I was pulling out strips
that I was gravitating only
to brown and pink fabrics.

Could the strawberry moon be affecting me
with some subliminal  message?

I haven't actually sewn much,
just sub-cut strips and made
one practice block.
Well, we'll see where this all leads.

You'll have to check back
during the thunder moon in July
and see how I've done.

Until Next Time-

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Perfect Pinwheels

 Last week I picked up
a couple shiny pinwheels
for some fun color in the yard.

It was then that I realized
I had even been spinning
 in my sewing room.
It seemed I had a theme going on.

Everything was a pinwheel.

I had started a baby quilt
using these fabrics.

 The perfect pattern...

And don't you love it when the 
centers come together.

Then, finally, I found and purchased
a background fabric for
part 3 of the Discovery mystery quilt
 in Quiltmania designed by Petra Prins.

It's an older piece from Andover
and the Winterthur Museum.

It fits right in with the
 Heritage Dutch Chintzes
I've been using.

With these fabrics I should be
thinking about Dutch Windmills 

But instead,
 here are my Dutch Windmill blocks
whirling around the center block.

It's been a breezy week here.
Hope good things have been 
spinning in your direction.

Until Next Time-