Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Little Flashback to 2016

Many of the blogs that I follow
have been doing a flashback
of all the quilts finished during 2016.

It really adds up to a very productive 
and creative year for quilters everywhere.
Many of the quilts we made were shared with others,
many of the quilts taught us new techniques,
many were just for fun,
some were challenging,
some were easy
and many magically appeared out of our
(Thank goodness for a stash)

I've included a Smilebox
on my post today of what I finished
in 2016. 
I hope you'll take a moment to enjoy.

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Until Next Time-

Friday, January 6, 2017

Staring At the List

Now that my 
17 in 2017 list is made
it's time to
 decide what to do first.
More than that,
it's thinking about an overall game plan, 
a strategy,

a plan of action.
Not one that is so regiment 
or set in stone,
but a common sense approach to
work on projects that will
keep things FUN!

Some of the projects I have chosen
have a deadline,
some of the projects have only
a few days work left,
some are hand work,
some are designing,
some are machine work,
and some are handquilting,
a long time commitment.

For me hand work is nighttime stuff.
Machine sewing is day time.

So in reality,
I probably will be working on multiple
projects at the same time. 
It's the way I work.

I had to pick.


 What do you do when 
you've bought 11 yards of
orange dinosaur fabric?
After you've said,
"What was I thinking?"

You make matching dino quilts for
your two grandsons
back in November.

Then you decide your granddaughter
needs one too.

 And with still more fabric leftover, you decide
the charity baby quilt you need to make for January
might as well be dinosaurs
with the same tried and true pattern.

The machine quilting is half done
on both of these. (#4 and #10 on my list)
It's the perfect place for me to start.

I hope if you're following 
Meredithe's 17 UFO's in 2017
you've picked a FAST TO FINISH
project or projects to start with too.

There were a few people who commented
on my last post and I was unable
to share a copy of my list with you because
I had no email address.  If you are still
interested, please leave a comment with an
email address.  :0)
Until Next Time-

Monday, January 2, 2017

17 in 2017

With the flip of the calendar
it's a new month and a new year.
The usual time to set new goals,
reevaluate old goals,
and then be realistic.

About a month ago
suggested a challenge that
spoke to me called

I know there are lots of challenges
thrown out there this time of year, but
her idea reminded me of the type of
activities I would suggest to the quilters
who participated in the Stashbusters Class
 I taught at my local quilt shop many years ago.

I guess I'm in need of 
a game, a gimmick, a fun challenge.

A way to help clear the shelves of some UFO's 
or WIP's.

Meredithe challenged us to find 
17 unfinished projects that we would 
like to move forward and possibly finish.
The real goal was to work on it.
It will never get done if it just
sits in a bag, on a shelf, or
hidden in a closet.

The most challenging part was
listing my 17 projects because

It turned out to be more difficult than I 
had originally thought.
Projects jumped in and jumped out.
Corralling the right ones, the ones
I hoped I still love, required time and effort.
I included some easy ones and some
that will definitely take more time.

Here's what I eventually came up with.

 I know this list doesn't mean much to you,
but the point is, I did finally
focus in on 17 WIP's
and my list includes 3 empty spaces for
other projects that might need some attention
during the year.
And who says I can't change my
list during the year!

My year long form was created by my daughter, Kate.
I just couldn't just write it on a regular
sheet of paper.  It's part of the game.
If you'd like a copy
just leave me a comment and I'll email a
PDF file that you can download and fill out.

The real challenge with Meredithe's approach is
taking those 17 WIP's and
dividing them into the 52 week year.
It works out to about 3 weeks per item,
but remember the idea is to move them forward.
Some of my WIP's haven't been thought about,
 stitched on,
or even looked at
for quite awhile, so 3 weeks of work
will be a very positive thing.

It might be tricky
to stay balanced,
but I think I'll be able to lasso quite a few.

Until Next Time-