Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Pieces from the Past

The other day I was driving home
and saw a sign on a corner
advertising an Estate Sale.

I had some spare time and thought
I'd check it out.

The sale hadn't started yet and
shoppers were eagerly waiting on the sidewalk, but
with each passing minute, the line was growing restless
and was slowly
edging its way closer and closer to the door.

When the estate seller finally opened the door....
all sanity left.
I just had to stare at the madness
that was happening in front of me.
I didn't pause long
or I might have been trampled.

I spent a few minutes going from room to room
looking at the huge amount of stuff that was in this house.
I could tell this owner had been a collector, a traveler,
a shopper, and had eclectic taste.

I poked and looked
as other shopper literally ran from
room to room, grabbing, posting sold signs on everything
and making piles.
I headed to the basement and was
amazed to see even more stuff.

But look what I found
hanging on a hanger in a corner that
no one had apparently noticed yet.
I had found my treasure.

The price was perfect and
 it's made with all those wonderful
indigos, cadet blues, turkey reds,
shirtings, and double pinks fabrics.
My favorites.

The blocks are all hand pieced and 
there's only one fabric that is starting to shred just a bit.

I did some  investigating trying to find the pattern name.
It looks so familiar.
But I couldn't find it exactly.
Anyone want to venture a guess?

I love the fact that the alternating squares
are white with tiny black dots.
So current, in terms of trends.

Someone had gotten this as a quilt top and 
decided to have it machine quilted with an
overall design.
I generally don't like to see vintage tops
quilted this way, but
maybe there are situations where it might actually
have saved the top.

The quilt's been washed and it's
soft and clean.
Now it has a new home
where it will be cared for and appreciated.

As I watched this person's belonging
being packed up and scattered to the winds,
I was reminded
how fleeting our collections can be.
Hopefully, many of her
treasures found new homes
and can hang out in new collections,
at least for awhile.

Until Next Time-

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Last Bits Of Summer

 Labor Day Monday,
for most of us, feels like the last
hurrah of summer.

It was no exception at Nana's
house this weekend.

Playing with bubbles,
using two different techniques.

Both ways work
soap gets in your eye.

It's even fun if you're an observer.
Maybe safer.

Next, it's never too soon
to decide what you're going to be
for Halloween.
Nana knows the best place to shop for costumes.

Still need more to do?
Then head off to the Farmer's Market.

And maybe add a little hiking
  and running with Running Man

or hanging out with Nana


or learning about raptors,
but eventually it's time to head back

because everyone's pooped
even Nana.

See you next year, summer.

Until Next Time-

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thanks for Your Help

I love
blogging friends.
I'm always learning something new
or being 
 reminded of  good "quilty" practices.

Here are two examples from last week
as I was binge sewing.
Thanks, Cheryl, who is at
for coining this expression.

The first reminder
came from Nancy at
Nancy has been working on an applique
where the pattern labeled some pieces to be made blue.
Part way into it,  she decided
that she didn't want to use blue,
unsewed those pieces
and replaced them with something else.
That's a lot of work, but
it was good reminder to me.
A pattern isn't gospel.

This past week while I was binging,
I finally got out Di Ford's 
mystery quilt found in the Quiltmania Magazine.
These little diamond shapes have been bothering
me since I stitched them.

It was time to unsew and replace them.
They would have always bothered me.

Reminder: Change it if you don't like something.

Another reminder came from
Hilda at
She's been working on a medallion quilt
and shared that she was working some
of her borders slightly out of order
so that the applique placement would be easier.

Suddenly a light blub went on
The applique placement is so tight and exact
on this mystery quilt
that I knew when I sewed the next border on

I would sew some of the applique into 
the seam allowances.

Hilda's work reminded me that
 by waiting to to add the applique pieces
until the next border was sewn on
I was setting the boundaries for the applique.
I'd like to announce:
"There have been no applique pieces
lost or injured
during the sewing of this border".

Reminder: Figure out the best way for you
 and just do it.

Thanks, blogging friends
for making my stitching better and better.

Until Next Time-

Friday, August 22, 2014

A Little "Sweetwater"

Earlier this week I had the 
opportunity to attend a fun 
presentation by one of the Moda dream team designers,

  Karla Eisenach of

Karla lives just 45 minutes from
Fort Collins, down the road and then head east
out into the prairie.  She and her two daughters
have the creative and challenging job
of designing 2-3 lines of fabric each year
along with patterns and other fun things that
so many of us enjoy making and using.

I met Karla a long time along when
she was starting her business under the 
name Farmyard Creations.

Look, I still have some of her first fabric line 
while she was designing for Clothworks.
 (maybe about 1990)

She's had an interesting journey from
making little things, designing scrapbook paper,
 to now working with
one of the most well known companies
 involved in the quilting industry.

 Sweetwater's colors are clear and modern.

She shared what's new  and what will
be coming our way in the near future.
Their newest line being shown to
shop owners now is Boat House.

Their patterns are super cute.

They love creating word fabric.
Here's Hometown.
They asked anyone who followed their blog 
to send in the name of their hometown so it could be 
included on the fabric.
I see my hometown.

 One of their newest projects
involves iron on labels,

Lots of fun projects with
cute, cute labels.

Maybe the next time
you're fabric shopping
you'll take a closer look 
at the fun and exciting fabric lines

Until Next Time-