Friday, January 24, 2020

An Incredible Adventure

As you might remember
Running Man and I have been off traveling

south of the equator

It was a wonderful journey to: 

16th Century National Cathedral, Santiago


 The Andes in Bariloche, Argentina


 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We traveled from the west coast of Chile

the Chilean wine region

 to the east coast Brazil
Copacabana Beach, Rio

through the Andes by boat, 

 the rolling countryside of the lake region of Patagonia,

 and saw beautiful natural scenery.
Iguazu Falls

Recently, Chile has been experiencing

many civil protests and social unrest.  It was interesting
to hear the viewpoint of our local guides

and the effects on them and their families.

Buenos Aires, the "Paris of South America"
is a multicultural city with
colorful barrios, like La Boca,

colonial European architecture, and

a long and interesting history.

Casa Rosada where Evita stood on the balcony addressing
throngs of supporters during her husband's term as president.

Of course, you must add in Tango lessons

and passionate dancing?

Too funny

There's a well-known saying in Argentina, " An Argentine is an Italian
who speaks Spanish, thinks he's French, would secretly like
to be British."

From there we flew to the Iguazu Falls
which are simply astounding.
 The 275 waterfalls border both Argentina and Brazil.

Running Man's view from a zodiac boat ride
then right into the spray.

The largest waterfall in the world. 
Devil's Throat
Wish you could hear the roar of the water.

Next stop, Rio 

We had a dizzying ride up the cable cars to
Sugar Loaf mountain,

visited landmark sites like
Christ the Redeemer statue,

and had an amazing room with a view

all the while singing " Copacabana" and 
"The Girl from Ipanema".

The passion in this city really comes alive during 
it's annual Carnival celebration.  We visited one of the 
Carnival clubs that build the floats, 

 that make the thousands of costumes

and delivers the rhythm of the pulsating music.

We even got to play dress up.

We just have to learn the Samba moves 
to be ready for the parade.

 Our exploration of these 3 beautiful countries 
have left us with wonderful memories.
Thanks for letting me share some of the highlights.

Gosh, I didn't even talk about the delicious food!
Empanadas with lots of wine!

It was an awesome journey.

Until Next Time-

Monday, December 30, 2019

A Final Monthly Mini- December

What better way to end 2019

than to spotlight a December mini.

The colors of the month?
Definitely, red and green.

I was inspired by a free pattern
Pam Budda had available on her website.

Holiday Spirit
26" x 26"

I increased the size of the blocks.
Hers were very small. 😊😊
I also made the blocks scrappy

and also added a border.

I kept the quilting simple and 
used a 28 wt. Aurifil thread to add texture,

but added a design in the border
which really doesn't show up except on the back.

If you have been quilting for a long time
you might recognize the fabric
I used for the binding.

It's an oldie.
It's from the Rising Sun collection
from the Smithsonian, way back when.
Guess it's why we have a stash!

I've enjoyed the monthly mini 
challenge hosted by Wendy

I hope 2020 will 
find me continuing to use pieces from my stash,
being inspired and challenged by all of you,
and above all, having fun creating, playing,
while exploring new possibilities.


I'll be back at the end of January.
Heading off on an adventure.

Until Next Time- Adios

Friday, December 13, 2019

Holiday Favorites, Blog Hop, My Turn

Welcome to the 
Holiday Favorites
Blog Hop, 2019.

I was honored
 to be asked to participate.
Thanks, Lori for hosting.

The Christmas holiday 
is a time of expectation,
a time to celebrate,
and a time filled with traditions. 

I've learned over the years
to keep Christmas decorating simple,
welcoming, and focused on the things
that are important to our family.

(Like a decorated box, a small boy, Weston, and a Santa hat)   2018

Of course, if you have followed
me for awhile you know that I've
been quilting for a long time.
I love creating and making beautiful quilts
that are an expression of Me!

Quilts can easily become part
our Christmas decor.

Have you noticed the popularity of
 the vintage red truck with a Christmas tree?
Hey, wait, we have a red pickup!

How about quilts in a Colorado red pickup!

"A quiet Christmas morning in the Colorado snow"

"All along the Rockies
you can feel it in the air"

From Telluride to Boulder down below"
   Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Quilts can be displayed almost anywhere.

Rolled and stuffed

Stacked up high

Or casually draped over a chair.

Of course, bedrooms are the normal place 
to create a cozy warm holiday look.

A quilt that won't fit?

How about a slight tip?

Not one, but two
quilts might be needed
on a cold Colorado night.

Snowflakes and
oh, what a delight!

Dreaming of Christmas
will be easy to do

tucked under a quilt with a stocking or two.

Quilts can be hung on the walls

Or even

 displayed as a mat

or used on the couch
 while taking a nap.

However you celebrate
or what family traditions you hold dear,

Wishing you and your family happiness
during this magical time of the year.

Everdeen, 5 months old    2013

Until Next Time-

Hope you continue to follow along.

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