Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Gotta Love A Hexie Quilt

Don't you love a blast from the past.

Remember when it was safe to climb
on a metal jungle gym and girls wore dresses to school

or if you went to the library
and needed to look something up

this is what you did way back when.

So speaking of the past,
I'm finally done and ready to share
a quilt I started way back in the
fall of 2015.

When I first saw Di Ford's book
Primarily Quilts,
I knew I wanted to make the hexagon
quilt she calls Route 66.

I had never done English Paper Piecing, EPP, before,
but immediately
discovered I loved the accuracy,
the rhythm of the handwork,
making neat stacks of hexagon shapes,
and the crisp edges of each of those
pieces shaped around paper.

Fussy cutting the fabric is not a new concept,
but a fun one to experiment with, especially
when you're using the hexagon shape.

The top has been done for over a year.
I just couldn't decide how to have it quilted.

The only area where the quilting was really going to show
was in the light surrounding hexies.  I finally
settled on this simple swirl
 to make the look more modern.

The real stars of this quilt are the colors and
fabrics so in the center hexies
my machine quilt, Kathy, and I decided to
still keep it simple by accentuating the hexagon shape

and a simple motif in the centers.
I was super pleased at the results.

It may have been started awhile ago,
 but it's technically my first finish of 2018!
You've got to love a Hexie quilt,
even when it's a blast from the past.
Until Next Time-

Monday, January 8, 2018

Believe In Yourself

I've been stuck 
for over a year.

It's been frustrating.

One project from last year that was left dangling
was quickly heading for the discard pile. 
I didn't like what was happening
and I didn't know why.
This ill-behaved project
was Sue Spargo's Instastitch free pattern found on her 
website here.

"Let me make this perfectly clear,
it wasn't the pattern.
It was me, the maker of the pattern."

Even with some psychoanalysis

it took me awhile to figure
out what was going on
 or better yet what wasn't going on.

Otherwise, this project was doomed.

First, I loved the fabrics.
I was using a set of indigo fat quarters gifted to me.
Shweshwe fabrics under TheThree Cats trademark
produced by Da Gama Textile Co.
They're pretty wild.

I loved the free style of the pattern.

I loved the idea of learning new embroidery stitches
to embellish the quilt.

I loved the idea of doing something designed by Sue Spargo.

Then finally
a couple of weeks ago
I had the aha moment

Sue's monthly patterns came with specific 
fabric layout directions for each block
for the perfect placement, if you had a kit.

I had been trying to do the same thing
with the fabrics I had chosen.
I had lettered them all and thought it
should work perfectly too.

My fabric A should work where
the pattern had fabric A.
Nope, wrong!

The solution:
Throw the dang chart away and go with my gut.

I left the first 3 blocks that I had done in 2016
and then by simply changing my perspective and saying
"Gosh, Kyle, what were you thinking!
Stop being so lazy and 
do the part you love best!"

It didn't take long for the 
other 9 blocks to come together.

Now I'm facing the second challenge:
the embroidery.

I've ordered a few spools of
Sue's awesome perel cottons sizes  #3, #5, and #8. 
The colors are different than what was suggested in the pattern.

 I'm going to blaze my own path
and choose my own colors that go with my quilt.

I'm a bit intimidated.
I'm pretty good at the backstitch,
the lazy daisy, and don't have very many
dangling french knots.

It's time to move forward.
Now we'll see what happens when
you start believing in yourself.

Until Next Time-

Friday, December 29, 2017

Ringing In the New Year with Final Results

Well, it's that time of the year again.

Time to ring out the old
and ring in the new.

It's the time to recheck those lists
and evaluate how the year went. 

Last year I followed along with Meredithe,
from the blog pomegranate and chintz,
who organized the 17 UFO's in 2017.

It was a big challenge.
The idea was to move those project forward and 
see progress.
It was a challenge that was positive, not one
to make you feel discouraged.
It worked!

Here's my list now.

10 out of 18 projects DONE and 
off the list.
That's about a 60% completion rate.

4 more that have been moved forward. 82%
And 3 things I just never got to. 18%

I'd say it was a positive quilting year.
Add in the extra projects that were new and not UFO's
and it makes me feel pretty good.

In fact,
with the encouragement of all of you

I'm literally singing out loud.

So what are the plans for 2018?
I'm thinking about adapting the original idea just a bit.


6  "so close" projects (UFO'S) 
You just have to do it.

6  "just start
 I'm thinking about all those
projects where I've collected the fabric, the pattern, 
and it's just sitting in a pile
 waiting for me to find the time to start.
This year I'm going to make it happen.

6  "surprises"
Not quite sure what these will be.
Time will tell.

Check out Meredithe's blog, she's planning
something similar.

I'm hoping this plan will
keep me focused, yet, will be 
freeing and exciting.

Wishing you all a year
of immeasurable blessings and joy.

Until Next Time-