Thursday, March 7, 2019

Good Intentions

This has been a week
filled with "good intentions".
The actual execution of
those "good intentions"
has been less than desirable.

Some days are like that, 
some weeks are like that,
some ....
I won't go further than that.

My intentions
included getting started
on machine quilting my
version of Di Ford's Suttton Grange.

I had acquisitioned the dining room table
for space and good lighting,
Running Man has been off
on a business trip all week,
no meals to prepare, etc,
nothing to stop the flow of sewing.

Well, I'm not sure what totally
got in the way, other than 
cold cloudy wintery Colorado days or
a dead car battery at 7 a.m.
my heart just wasn't in it this week.

So instead,
I went to Trader Joe's 
and bought a couple of bunches of daffodils
and then decided to bake.

Lemon Snowball Cookies

Oh, if you remember these
as Russian Tea Cakes or Mexican Wedding Cookies,
think again. 

Melt in your mouth lemony goodness.
The recipe is from a local business,
Check out her website and also her
delicious enticing macarons.  
I haven't tried those yet,
but it's definitely on my list of things to do.

Maybe now I can focus on the quilt.

Until Next Time-

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

February Mini Check-In

With only 28 days in the  month of February
you've got to apply the
K.I.S.S principle.
To make it less harsh
than the original acronym
I'm saying
"Keep It Simple, Sweetie".💗

That was my principle
as I worked on my February small quilt.

16" x 21"

Nothing quite says February
more than hearts.

Yay! Everything from my resource center,
including the pink 28 wt. Aurifil thread.

One of the wonderful benefits
of having "talented quilting blogging
friends" is the inspiration.
they share with me and many others.
I have always been a double binding kind of a gal,
but because Barb had shared a single binding tutorial
I decided to give it a try.

I really liked the feel it had on the small quilt
with it not being so thick at the edges.

My challenge has always been
folding and ironing a carefully even seam allowance
for the back side.
I just took my time and used
"a ruler" (duh)  for better accuracy and consistency
and did all that before sewing the binding on.

It's nice to know you can
teach an old quilter some new tricks.💗💗
Check it out..


Again I wanted to thank many of
you for taking the time to vote for my daughter, Jessica,
 in the Northern Colorado Teacher Tuesday Contest.

Unfortunately, she didn't win, but has
given her some much need recognition for her
abilities, love of teaching
and dedication to the profession.
Plus a $50 gift card to a local restaurant.
Until Next Time-

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Flash Back to the 90's

A couple times a year 
I put together a photo book of 
the quilts that I've made in previous years.

It requires finding old photos,
looking through my quilting journals,
or retaking some better photos
of the quits I still have.

We each have our own past.
This is my history.
Oriole Circles

Hand quilted and paper pieced.

This month I've been documenting 
my quilts from the 1999-1995.

It's interesting to see what I was working on and
to see the changing variables such as styles, colors, 
and designer influences.

The 90's were a time when I was making 
quilts that generally fell into 5 categories.

1. Quilts for the family

The Real Sunbonnet Sue
Hand appliqued and hand quilted

Sunbonnet Sue loved doing 
lots of different things.
She was her own person.

My girls were still at home and 
everyone needed and wanted quilts.

Noah's Ark

Debbie Mumm's fabric designs
were still very popular.

2.  Quilts for classes

I started working in a LQS in 1994, but
had been teaching classes years before that
so there was always the need to come up with
 new ideas for classes.

Bear Lake
(fusible applique)

Wear Warm Clothes
(applique and piecing techniques)

Both patterns by Country Threads

3. Quilt block exchanges

Farmer's Daughter

Of course,
block exchanges are still popular.

The quilters I exchanged blocks with
are the dear friends I still see on a regular basis.
Fabric is so abundant, but you can't buy it all,
so exchanges are a wonderful idea.

 Bears Raid
 Friend's Plaid Stashes

I still love those plaid hst's. 

Paper Bag Stars

I called this my "paper bag" quilt because
 Moda marbles were becoming very popular and
the tan background was just the same shade as a 
brown paper bag.

4. Quilts Made to Sell

My business name was Timeless Reflections
and I made quilts for customers start to finish
or hand quilted tops.

Many were like this.

 I sold them
to designers in Denver
for Show Homes.
Size and colors were the important things
to fit the space and decor.


The other project I was involved in 
was with a group of friends
and we made small wall quilts to sell at
craft fairs.

We called ourselves the Material Girls
and had a great time together.

5.  Just for Me

25th Wedding Anniversary Quilt

Hand pieced and hand quilted

Red and White Double T's

Looking back can be very interesting.
Some years were more productive than others.
Some of the quilts have gone on
to other homes, some quilts I still love,
and others...not so much.
I guess it's just the natural cycle.
It's nice to see where you've been
and how it's influenced you as to where
you are today.

One thing is important though.
Taking the time to document and,
of course, label your work.
It's your history.
 Until Next Time-