Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Went to a Garden Party

I've been waiting all summer
to get to the Denver Botanical Gardens.
Well, now that it's fall,
I finally made it.

There's been a celebration of color and glass 
 mixed with the beautiful surroundings of
 the gardens going on.

Dale Chihuly's Garden and Glass
 exhibit was on display.

The colors were brilliant on
this beautiful fall day in Denver.

 The shapes and colors 

engaged your imagination.

The sculptures fit into the
garden landscapes
making you wonder if you were
looking at real flowers
 or glass ones,

a blazing red maple
or a object made of glass.
The sculptures really seemed to belong there.

Of course, we all wondered
how all of these glass sculptures
had survived some of the fierce hailstorms
the area had had this summer.

 It has interesting to 
look how he interprets our environment
 through the medium of glass.

As you can see,
 it was engaging

  for young and old alike.
If you ever have the opportunity to see
one of Dale Chihuly's exhibits
 be sure and take advantage of it and 
enjoy his work.

 Until Next Time-

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Super Seminar

 I spent last weekend with

 Alex Anderson


Ricky Tims.

 It was the kind of seminar 
that makes your head explode.
Not in a bad way, but
in a way that gets your juices running.

We heard about 
improvisational patchwork looking at 
Caveman style Convergence quilts

radial symmetry using his
 Bohemian Rhapsody (2002)

as an example.

This is Ricky's current project
a string quilt using all the leftover pieces from students
from the last 7 years of teaching classes.

It's being  machine quilting on his Bernina  home machine.

Then there were some his  prize winners

Linelines III: Can Something Come from Nothing
 Houston, 2012
I loved the couching technique,
all done on a regular sewing machine.

Alex shared her techniques
for adding squiggles into her patchwork.
 and much more

These two wonderful hosts from the Quilt 

have a great chemistry, bantering back and forth
and sharing their quilting techniques,
as well as, sharing their passion for quiltmaking and
stories of life.

The main thought I walked away
was the idea that you have to
find what you like and
follow your heart.

There's no one right way to do things.

There's no one style that is better than another.
Just make what you love, and
make it your passion.
It's not that I have to get out of my "box",
but maybe be willing to invite some new things
into my comfort zone and see how they might fit in.
( Bears in Bertie's Log Cabin.)
I like that idea.

Until Next time-

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Listen to the Rhythm

 All week I have been trying to think
of something interesting to write about.

I've been a bachlorette for the past 5 days,
so I was using this time
 to work on a number of projects
without too many interruptions, except
for the ones I created for myself.

But as much as I thought I would actually
finish something, it didn't happened.

Instead, I found myself doing more
prepping than anything else, 
which is not too exciting or clever to write about.

I kept hearing rhythms in my head.
Quilters rhythms like,

 prep, prep, fuse,
A-Z with Ewe and Me
Finally the borders.

 I was also hearing
cut, cut, sew a little,

I wanted to use some of the leftover fabrics
 from the A-Z with Ewe and Me sampler
 in the Falling Charms pattern from the 
Missouri Quilt Co. that
Paulette was using for a baby quilt, 
(I'm making two different sizes)
I had to make a few more nine patches to go
with the ones I'll be getting in the mail soon
from the nine patch swap that Barb organized.
 How about
trace, trace, cut
(more Noah and Matilda blocks)
I had to recut two of the blocks from
last month because I left them on the AIRPLANE!
pin, pin, sew together.
The Home for the Holidays quilt

Today, though, I will be doing something
very interesting.
I'm attending Ricky Tim's Quilt Seminar
with guest appearances with Alex Anderson.
So maybe next week,
I might be quilting to a whole new rhythm.
Who knows.

  Until Next Time-

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Back to "Normal"

After being on vacation it always
takes a few days to get back to "normal".

That definitely means 
a trip to the grocery, and then
checking the garden and
finding that all those
 green tomatoes have now ripened. 
Got them peeled, cut up,
and thrown into some freezer bags. 
It also means finishing up
a commitment to my daughter, 
the 4th grade teacher.
I've been researching and labeling 
all of her personal classroom library books
with the reading level and a point system.
It's been about 400+ books.
All finished.
But  despite settling back into the routine,
I did squeak in a bit of sewing time.

 Nothing too exciting,
a lot of chain piecing
in order, to finally to get the blocks done 
for this quilt.
But while I was gone,
and the tomatoes were ripening,
my machine quilter, Karen A.

did this

 and this.
Just a couple peeks
 until I get the binding on.
Hopefully, that will happen next week.

Until Next Time-