Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A November Mini Quilt Challenge

A challenge was made
by the Rogue Quilter, Janet.
Take a small baggie of fabric
And make a mini quilt with it.

My baggie from Janet 
was filled with browns and with pinks.
This should be fun
said Kyle with a wink.



A little more fabric can be included
 if you must.
The 4 B's can be added 
Now don't make a fuss.

( Background, Borders, Binding, Backing)

The wheels began turning.
and it didn't take long.
The stars began appearing 
like a heavenly throng.

Hand piecing 8 pointed stars

3 inch finished stars

Using just the small bits
each star was unique.
I like how they looked
Oh, so chic.

Connecting them all 
with a sweet background
Was easy to do
with this fabulous brown.

Next were the borders
that took some planning to attach.
Just so the corners
could be an excellent  match.

With simple machine quilting, 
 binding and an interesting backing
The quilt came together
and wasn't too nerve wracking.

Using Janet's tiny scrap pieces
my mini was now complete.
The challenge was a challenge
but the result were oh, so sweet.

Thank you, Janet for the
challenge you made. 
Check out Wendy's blog post
for a mini parade.

Until Next Time-
Kyle (with a smile)

Monday, November 15, 2021

A Hint of Autumn

 According to the calendar and
and the view outside it is still Autumn
here in Colorado.
Yes, we've had one snow flurry and 
it won't be long before we have more, but 
for the moment,
if I show you a new fall quilt
it is still in the seasonal boundaries.

Pumpkins and Blossoms
66" x 78"

This quilt is an example of a perfect quilting storm.
My LQS was having a sale,
I bought a layer cake of Fig Tree's fabric,
Pumpkins and Blossoms,
and I had this pattern from
Fat Quarter Shop,

and FQ Shop also had yardage of 
the Fig Tree fabric.

I had not bought a group of fabric
for a very long time.
I'm not sure what possessed me to do it 
this time, but the soft oranges and green vines,
charcoal greys and black and frolicking deer
 just spoke to me.
It is one of Joanna's classic vintage Autumn lines.

The pattern is simple and easy
to whip together some fun blocks
using a layer cake and charm pack.

I added some borders to make the quilt a bit larger

and had my fabulous machine quilter
stitch an overall pumpkin and vine design.

It was a fun quilt to stitch from start to finish
using a single collection.
I just put the sewing on cruise control and
let it all happen.

(a little help with the wind from one of my little friends)

Until Next Time-

Thursday, October 28, 2021

An October Mini Quilt and Some History

First a story: 

In the spring of 1623,  90 some passengers
embarked on two small English ships,
the Anne and a smaller ship, the Little James.
After 3 months at sea, The Anne arrived at
Plymouth on July 10, 1663.

On board was my 9th great grandmother,
Hester Mahieu Cooke and her children
Jacob, Jane, and Hester.

She had stayed behind in Leiden in the Netherlands in 1620
while her husband, Francis and her oldest son,
John, sailed on the Mayflower heading for America. 

She must have been a very brave and very confident woman
to remain behind.   Her faith must have given her the strength 
she needed to stay positive and hopeful that
everything would work out according to their plan
 and that her family would be reunited someday.

There couldn't have been much communication
between November, 1620 and July, 1623,
but Hester left Leiden with others
from her Separatist group and
set sail for the New World.
What would life be like?
Would Francis and John be waiting for them?

Fortunately,  it was a happy reunion
on the shores of North America after 3 years apart.
Later they had one more child, Mary, who is my
8th great grandmother.  I'm glad everything
worked out!

They remained in Plymouth until their deaths
in 1663 (Francis) and Hester (1666).

This month I decided to work with my
Dutch fabric and use the book, Promenade in a Dutch Garden
to make a quilt honoring Hester and
her story.

It didn't take long to decide to stitch a small
mini quilt  made up of hourglass blocks with
a small appliqued star in the center. 
Maybe Hester focused on a star each evening and hoped that her 
husband and son were looking at the same star,
bringing them closer in her mind and heart.

Leaving Home, Leiden, 1623
17" x 21"

Pattern from Petra Prins and An Moonen's book,
 Promenade in a Dutch Garden

It gave me a chance to play with all the
beautiful Dutch fabrics that I have been collecting
along with some Jo Morton favorites.

An hourglass was a way for people to keep track of time.
I'm sure Hester kept close track of the days, months, and years
while she remained in Leiden.

The quilting is simple in the ditch
machine quilting,
nothing fancy, similar to her probable life style.

I finished the edges in a traditional
Dutch way with a separate facing.

This method makes the edges sharp and clean without 
an added frame created with traditional binding.

With Thanksgiving approaching it
will be nice to have this small quilt included in 
the holiday as a way 
to remember this brave woman
and her Dutch connection.

Until Next Time-