Monday, April 11, 2011

Only For A Friend

One of the great things about making a quilt today is the fact that
there is so many companies producting cotton fabric. 
Each company, with their group of designers,
are producing fabrics that are new and exciting.
That means, of course, there are so many fabrics for quilters to work with.
There's much more to choose from than when I first started
quilting back in the 70's, when calico was queen.

But sometimes you just have to giggle at some of the designs.
And say, "what were they thinking."

Of course, working at a quilt store, has given me an opportunity
over the years to look at a lot of fabric.  
Fabric that's printed and shipped out with the hopes
that "Quilters" will love it, be inspired and buy lots of it.

Quite awhile ago, a fabric came out that was in the 
Art Nouveau style from the end of the nineteenth century.
My dear friend and co-worked sweetly named this 
particular piece "the Armpit Fabric".
Here's a closer look so you can see where she was coming from.

It just tickled her.  And then, of course, it would tickle the rest of us.
Well, needless to say, it was not a big seller and it
was around for a long time.
Eventually, it ended up on the sale table and down to the last 3 yards.
Did I feel a sense of pity for this fabric or a devilish
thought that I should make something out of it just for her.
Yes, I did buy it.
I don't think she knew I was the one who got the last bit.

But, over the years it has continued to sit in my fabric stash.
As her birthday approached each year, I'd carefully consider what to do 
with this very unique fabric.
 But I couldn't think of just the right project.
Finally, this year I did something.

I'm afraid I wasn't too clever,
but she will be getting a pair of pillowcases...
to lay her sweet head on this idyllic woman's delicate armpit.

There's still a yard left and she's getting that too.
Happy Birthday, Becky. 
A special gift
for a very special friend.
Until Next Time-


  1. This is a SCREAM, Kyle! XD
    She might not use them very often, but I bet she keeps them forever 'n ever!

  2. Thank you, Kyle. We had sweet dreams on my new pillowcases. The armpit ladies make me smile!