Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Fig Leaf

When I refer to "the Store" in my blog
I'm referring to the quilt store where I have worked
for over 18 years.  

It is one of the oldest independent shops in Colorado.
This is where I hang out 3 days a week.
I put together a Smilebox.
These pictures were taken on a Friday
when one of my dearest friends, Becky and I work.
We've always labeled the day when were together
as the "Lucy and Ethel Show".

And to think we have worked together 
Come to the Fig Leaf on a Friday and you
are in for a treat.

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Until Next Time-


  1. I loved that! (And, hey, that was my book cover!!)

  2. That was cute! I'll be by to visit soon :)