Monday, April 4, 2011

The Great White Cape

Ten years ago, a friend and I
began snooping around Savers,
Good Will, and other thrift stores buying
That would be in the form of wool jackets, skirts 
and other garments.  Our greatest find was
an xx-large white wool cape for just a couple of dollars.
We were ecstatic. 
That cape was cut and dyed into multiple pastel spring colors
and then used in multiple spring wool applique pieces.
We get tickled still about finding
"the Giant White Cape".

This little piece was primarily made from the "White Cape".
This pattern is from one of the Need'l Love books.
Wool applique is so fun and easy.
You do become a treasure hunter looking for 
the perfect wool to repurpose.

It's a great representation of the busy robin.
Just the eggs are "White Cape".
The background was a skirt.

On this piece I added the wool tongues around the outside.
Can you find "the white wool cape"?
Of course, the rabbit and those eggs again.
With wool applique it doesn't use much
of my wool collection.
You can save very small pieces for later use.

from: Easter Threads by Need'l Love
Looking carefully, I don't think this piece includes any of the
original cape.  I should have been more
careful about including some of the "mother wool"
in each piece. 

These large Easter eggs are wool
covered Styrofoam eggs.
The lavender egg is, you guessed it, the white cape.
Just noticed that the rabbit's eye,
it makes it look like it's been hypnotized. Ha.

I haven't used my wool for awhile.  But getting out
my Easter pieces has given my the desire to
see what I have left of that cape and
use it in something.
I've got a couple of weeks before Easter
I'll have to see what I can do.

Until Next Time-