Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Itching to Work with Wool

I was bitten by the wool bug this week.
After getting out my little spring wool quilts and 
sharing about the great white wool cape, I found
myself itching, sometimes wool will do that, to 
make something new.

The idea of the chick wearing the bunny ears is just too funny.

Lots of my wool pieces are done on a dark background, but I
loved using a white wool this time to make a softer
more springtime look.

I adapted a pattern from
All Through the Night called "Easter Chicks." for 
the center and the idea of appliqued tongues on the background
from a pattern by Jointed at the Hip in their book
Folk Art Favorites.
Doing the tongues that way was a lot easier than having 
them be loose and then trying to buttonhole around
the raw edges.

 Mostly I used wool floss around the applique pieces.
I used what I had and then used a bit of
regular embroidery floss as well.
Don't sweat the small stuff.

This time I did fusible applique using
the fusible web, Soft to Fuse.  
It's a great product and doesn't make the 
pieces stiff with all that fusible stuff.

Years ago when E-Bay was in its infancy,  I bought 
a jar of white mother of pearl buttons.
I'll have buttons forever.
It was the perfect project to actually use a few.
I attached the ric rac by sewing on the buttons and
then added one button on each tongue.

Are you wondering about that original wool?

I found some of the lavender we had dyed and made
sure to include that in the piece.

It was a fun project, nice to get
something done so quickly and
play in the wool stash again.
Until Next Time-