Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Show and Tell

I love looking through my quilts to find ones to share each month.
June is the beginning of summer and has some special calendar dates.

This 30's butterfly quilt is a picture of the lazy days of summer.
I bought this quilt about 15 years ago at a garage sale.
It is well loved, very soft, and many of the fabrics are shredding,
but the quilting is lovely and the fabrics are fun.

The butterflies are funky and chunky.

One special date in June is my anniversary.  
June 9th, 1973
To celebrate our 25th anniversary I completed this quilt.
The Single Wedding Ring, 1998

This quilt began as a group project with a quilt group I 
belonged to, "The Wild Geese Quilters".
Each month a member gave the group a block to construct.  
At the next meeting we would bring the block back and 
she would do something exciting with them.
 I gave everyone this block to do.

Group projects came always be a challenge.
Everyone's interpretation of a quarter inch can be slightly different.
With a bit of tweaking, I got the blocks together.
It may be hard to see the quilting, but I hand quilted the whole thing!
Lots of feathers and grid lines.

Another date that comes up in June, is my birthday.
About 12 years ago in another quilt group called "the Pinheads",
  we began a wonderful tradition
of making a "Happy 50th Birthday Quilt" for
each member as they celebrate their special birthday.

This is my birthday quilt. 2000
The block is called the crow's feet.
We have used the same block patter for eveyone's quilt.
My quilt has a contemporary look with the red, black, and white colors,
but the fabrics themselves are reproductions and shirtings.
 Right up my alley.
 It was a wonderful gift from some very special friends.
We have used the same pattern for everyone's quilt, which has made it fun.
We have one more birthday to celebrate, Julie!

 Quilts are a great reminder of special events and friendships.

Until Next Time-Kyle

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  1. What wonderful memories we have of our birthday quilts!