Saturday, June 19, 2010

Family and Friends

Family and friends can be great source of encouragement when birthdays come around.
I had a great birthday weekend.  
It wasn't so bad turning XX.

Ed and I went exploring at the Old Glory Antique Show in Denver. 

 There was stuff older than me. 
I even brought home a few new treasures.

My girls kept birthday traditions alive.
Elizabeth, Me, Jessica

And we even created a few new experiences.

We became a Rock Band Family with the help of Wii.
 Elizabeth and Martin


Jessica and Ed doing the vocals

It was great to do things with people who love me.
Our weekend together made me think.

Life isn't made up of days and years, 
but rather 
what you do with that time.
That's what's important.

Until Next Time-Kyle
Some Birthday Advice
Authorities say brain cells may shrink, but they don't necessarily die. Frankly, I am cheered by the fact that something is shrinking. I'd be even more thrilled if what was shrinking affected my dress size, but you can't have everything.
Erma Bombeck