Friday, June 25, 2010

Fabulous Friday

For today:
Looking Out My Window: The rose bushes on the patio are in full bloom.  It's going to be the perfect very warm summers day.
My Weekend Plans Include: Spray painting a new "old" wrought iron plant stand I picked up at the antique show last weekend.  It needs a bit of loving.

I’m Reading: The Time Traveler's Wife  by Audrey Niffenegger
Movie Marquee: The Medici's, the Godfathers of the Renaissance and Downhill Racer

Something Quiltie: I've got my flannel quilt basted and ready to machine quilt.  I enjoy machine quilting some of my own quilts as long as they aren't too big. By keeping my designs simple, I'm able to do a pretty good job.  I'd love to be able to try quilting on a long arm quilting  machine, but I'm afraid I would love it.

I’m Thinking About: I am really looking forward to the weekend of the 4th.  My sweet Kate will be flying in from Florida.  I can't wait!

One of My Favorite Things: I love to look at old family photos.  I just recently found an old box of slides.  They need to be cleaned up and then I'll get some prints made.  Some of them are pretty faded and are almost gone.  It makes me feel sad.

What I’m Planning: I'm planning a Catch-Up Quilt Day for my friends this Monday.  Everyone is to bring a project they want to get caught up on, enjoy a day of friendship and grilled hot dogs served with Ketchup or mustard.

What’s For Dinner: Fish Tacos.

A Favorite Photo: 

 Do you think my mom was worried about me drowning?

Until Next Time-Kyle


  1. The Time Traveler's Wife is my ALL time favorite book! You'll love it too.

  2. I missed reading your Fabulous Friday last week. Wish I could be there for Ketchup Day, eat a hot dog for me, with mustard please.