Friday, June 11, 2010

Fabulous Friday

For today:

Looking Out My Window:  Ed had been busy doing a lot of small jobs around the outside of the house.  Each year we accomplish a few more little details.  Now he would like to build a landscaped path from the house to the lake. Not a small project.

My Weekend Plans Include: The weather is not suppose to be very nice so I plan on mostly doing inside things.  Hopefully, I'll get some sewing done.

I’m Reading:  I just started Whiter Than Snow, by Sandra Dallas.
Movie Marquee: On tap is A Gentleman's Game and the Last Legion.

Something Quiltie: Yesterday at the store we had our monthly club meeting of "Stashbusters".  It's a group of quilters all trying to use some of the fabric stash we have accumulated during our quilting life.  It's a meeting full of ideas, suggestions, motivation and enthusiasm.  Quilters are always so willing to share.  I'm one of the facilitators, and I always glean so much from all of the other women who faithfully come. I have more ideas and fabric than I can ever use in a lifetime.  Even so  I'm going to have fun trying.

I’m Thinking About: How important it is to stay positive.  Turning my struggles and problems into challenging situations, keeping things in perspective, and looking at the big picture.  Life is too short to get bogged down in the negative.

One of My Favorite Things: I enjoy watching the Food Network Channel and now the new Cooking Channel.  Fun and Yummy.

What I’m Planning: One of the jobs I'd like to get done is taking that huge pile of recipes clipped from magazines or off the internet and sorting them out and filing them in some workable system.  It's a bit out of control and not very efficient.

What’s For Dinner: One of the recipes from the pile is Lemon Pasta with Roasted Shrimp.  *It also uses some shrimp from the freezer!

A Favorite Photo: 
This is where Ed took his new bride to set up housekeeping.
Until Next Time-Kyle

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