Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Travelin' Shoes

 Last week I had my travelin' shoes
buckled on and Running Man and I
 headed off to Vancouver, BC.

We stayed in a condo right in downtown (Gastown)
 on the 38th floor with a terrific view
of the harbor and the mountains to the north.

We crisscrossed the city,
enjoying the aquabus ride
to Granville Island even on a very rainy day, and
 the food booths brimming with tempting eats at the Public Market.
 It was a foodie extravaganza 

Stanley Park

was a must
along with the 
 Vancouver Aquarium with
the beluga whales.

A day trip to 
Capilano Suspension Bridge
was fun inching our way
over the swaying cable bridge 
that stretches across a river canyon
and then enjoying the elevated
 tree trail through the cedars and Douglas firs.

Then a ferry trip
 over to visit Victoria,
 the capitol city of British Columbia.
Despite a little drizzle
we wandered passed the century 
old Empress Hotel located on the harbor,
enjoyed some wonderful local fish and chips
and the lovely coastline of the island.

It was a great trip to Vancouver, but you can't 
ignore the happenin' street food scene.

So with the help of the Food Truck Tour,
we ate ourselves silly.
From Japadog

to TacoFinos and more.
It was delicious way to spend lunchtime.

 We only had a few days to explore this beautiful 
area rich in multicultural experiences,
and we had to leave so many things out,
but I guess,
 there's always next time.
Happy Travelin'

Until Next Time-


  1. OH wow! What a fun trip...I am glad you got to go! My dear husband and I picked up and went there too one year...it was such fun! We did find a quilt shop...but at $6.00 for a fat quarter...I left them all there, LOL!

  2. wow what a wonderful get away - We really love all the same things, food, adventure and aquariums - thanks for the visual getaway!

  3. Looks like a lovely trip with great food.

  4. What a great trip! Have a lovely day, Sil

  5. Looks like you and hubby had fun, despite the rain!! You managed to pack in a lot of activities and food!! :o)))

  6. This is my favorite time of year to travel - the crowds are thinned and the heat has abated - looks like you had a great time - I'm not very adventurous when it comes to food - but the suspended bridges looks awesome!

  7. What a wonderful trip you had !

  8. I love Vancouver and Victoria!! My sister lives in Vancouver and I was there this summer hitting many of the same sights :0) Granville Island and Stanley park are must do items every time I go to Vancouver. There are no quilt shops though. I found one in Victoria this spring but it was very small. I'm glad you had a good trip! Did you do any stitching on the way ... :0)

  9. Always intended to get there while my best friend resided in Vancouver, but didn't make it before she moved. I was there once in college, but saw very little. Thanks for this insight into some of the fun. Love the bridge!

  10. It's great to see you had a wonderful trip and saw so many fabulous things. Lots of yummy food too.

  11. What a great holiday, beautiful scenery, yummy food and fun places to go, enjoy!

  12. What a lovely trip you had - the variety of food offerings throughout Canada always amazes us. If you have the opportunity to return - a must see is Butchert Gardens on Vancouver Island. And lavender farms everywhere....fresh produce and vineyards....about a month there would be in order!!

  13. It looks like you had a wonderful time! Oh my! All that delicious food! I am not too sure about that bridge. It looks a little scary!

  14. Looks like a very fun trip! I'm not sure I could do the swaying bridge though. I wonder what country you'll go to next?

  15. Thanks for the tour - so much covered! Making me hungry...

  16. What a wonderful trip! Of course, while you were enjoying Vancouver, I was enjoying your home state just as much. :) blessings, marlene

  17. yummy! glad you and daddy had fun!

  18. Wonderful photos of your travels! Thank you for sharing. I've never been, but have heard so many great things about the area.