Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Last Bits Of Summer

 Labor Day Monday,
for most of us, feels like the last
hurrah of summer.

It was no exception at Nana's
house this weekend.

Playing with bubbles,
using two different techniques.

Both ways work
soap gets in your eye.

It's even fun if you're an observer.
Maybe safer.

Next, it's never too soon
to decide what you're going to be
for Halloween.
Nana knows the best place to shop for costumes.

Still need more to do?
Then head off to the Farmer's Market.

And maybe add a little hiking
  and running with Running Man

or hanging out with Nana


or learning about raptors,
but eventually it's time to head back

because everyone's pooped
even Nana.

See you next year, summer.

Until Next Time-


  1. Oh, what sweet grandchildren! I love the costumes.

  2. Oh the fading days of summer. So sweet. I bet they fall leaves and pumpkins. The costumes are adorable.

  3. Love this, Kyle. Feel like I spent the day with you, and it was such fun! : )

  4. It looks as though you all had the most wonderful day!! Beautifully told through your photos and words.

  5. It looks like you had a wonderful day!

  6. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful photos! I love seeing all the little ones with Nana and Running Man. The children may be too young to remember all you did, but you're going to remember everything and smile from ear to ear.
    BTW, did you make the costumes? They're adorable! I have a dragon pattern to work on one of these days for a little guy.

  7. cute post and wonderful memories being made here.
    oh bubbles nothing better to play with outside and with different wands, my children loved them

  8. wow what fun summery things! Love the bubble photos and the costumes are adorable!!
    aaahhh, summer, love to see it come, love to see it go.

  9. What fun, I love bubbles, those were monsters! Cute grandies, glad you have been having fun with them.

  10. Your memories are wonderful! ;) Sil