Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I'm Going to do Something for Fall

 The weather has definitely changed
and fall is in the air.
There have been lots of blogs written
about the change of season and all the
fall projects that are being worked on.

I've been continuing to work on 
Di Ford's mystery quilt.
The next part just came out,
so I'm actually not behind.

 I'm also still working on my
"Put your money where your mouth is" quilt.

 It's the one I paid $5 to the quilt group
as incentive to get it done.
It's the pattern Home for the Holidays
by Lisa Bongean.

And then there's
A-Z with Ewe and Me,
the block of the month from 
The Quilt Show designed by Janet Stone.
The center is done
 so next month will be the beginning of the borders.

And finally,
there's Noah and Matilda,
the applique pattern reproduced and sold by Dawn
Here are 6 of the next 8 blocks that I have to applique.

I've been so good about sticking with these 4 quilts.
But this week
with the beautiful fall weather,
I needed to do something fallish.
I decided to do an embroidery pattern
from Crabapple Hill,
Autumn's Harvest Pumpkin.

I had a piece of Onaburg cloth
and thought it would make a great pillow.
The problem is the light box doesn't easily work with it
so it took awhile to trace the pattern.
But it's traced and ready to go. 
I should have picked something I could piece quickly,
 but no, I chose more handwork!

There wasn't much time for sewing this
past weekend.
 There were just more important places to be
and special people to share it with.
This week has the potential of being a productive one.
Hope yours is too.

Until Next Time-


  1. I believe I have an embroidery pattern in my sewing room. What a great idea for a fall project!

  2. beautiful projects. We just retired and going to the zoo is on my list of things to look forward to. I think it's been about 30 years, and I expect zoo keeping has changed tremendously.

  3. I love all your works in progress, but cannot wait to see the fall embroidery come to life!

  4. You don't have any "quick & easy" finishes here--just lovely projects receiving your consistent attention. (Wish I could be more like you that way!)
    I do l forward to seeing your Fall stitchery take shape.
    Looks like you took some very important clients to the zoo! : )

  5. Impressed with how many projects you are working on simultaneously - you're so ambitious! I'm still on the first step of the Di Ford quilt - not sure if it'll every get done. LOL

  6. What wonderful projects you are working on ! Love them all !!

    Can't wait to see your progress on all of them especially the fall embroidery :-D

  7. Your Di Ford mystery is beautiful so far! I love your Noah and Matilda blocks too - that little bit of navy is genius! Looks like you have your priorities straight :0)

  8. I love each and every one of your projects and admire your dedication and willpower! You're making great progress.

  9. Sometimes you just have to start a new project, and what better time than at the start of a new season. It's lovely to see an overview of all your WIPs, they're all so beautiful. I bet you had a wonderful day at the zoo with your grandchildren, giraffes are so magical, I've often thought I'd like one as a pet.

  10. I love pumpkins, your new fall pillow will be lovely. You are making great progress in so many projects, I am impressed! Enjoy the sunny days out while you can, the zoo is the perfect outing :)

  11. Home For the Holidays is what catches my eye.

  12. I love that your projects are such different colours - must make it a treat when you change from one to the other - all lovely! I always love a visit to the zoo. Hope the week is very productive for you :)

  13. Great variety of projects! I,love the golds you worked into N&M.
    The zoo is a great place to go with VIPs.
    Stay cool in this heat!

  14. I have made that pumpkin and it was so fun to do! Enjoy the project.

  15. I've made that pumpkin too and love it! I made it into a pillow. We're in Estes Park for the next couple of weeks and enjoying the beautiful golden aspens. :) blessings, marlene

  16. Oh yes! Very special people and a very special day at the zoo! Congratulations on staying up with the Di Ford quilt. I love your Noah and Matilda blocks. The pumpkin is a great fall project.

  17. Your version of the Mystery quilt is beautiful with those colours. I love the spacing of the dark triangles.

  18. Oh what fun. I love to visit the zoo!!
    You have such great projects going on. They all look great. I really love the look of the pumpkin embroidery -
    hooray for fall