Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Pieces from the Past

The other day I was driving home
and saw a sign on a corner
advertising an Estate Sale.

I had some spare time and thought
I'd check it out.

The sale hadn't started yet and
shoppers were eagerly waiting on the sidewalk, but
with each passing minute, the line was growing restless
and was slowly
edging its way closer and closer to the door.

When the estate seller finally opened the door....
all sanity left.
I just had to stare at the madness
that was happening in front of me.
I didn't pause long
or I might have been trampled.

I spent a few minutes going from room to room
looking at the huge amount of stuff that was in this house.
I could tell this owner had been a collector, a traveler,
a shopper, and had eclectic taste.

I poked and looked
as other shopper literally ran from
room to room, grabbing, posting sold signs on everything
and making piles.
I headed to the basement and was
amazed to see even more stuff.

But look what I found
hanging on a hanger in a corner that
no one had apparently noticed yet.
I had found my treasure.

The price was perfect and
 it's made with all those wonderful
indigos, cadet blues, turkey reds,
shirtings, and double pinks fabrics.
My favorites.

The blocks are all hand pieced and 
there's only one fabric that is starting to shred just a bit.

I did some  investigating trying to find the pattern name.
It looks so familiar.
But I couldn't find it exactly.
Anyone want to venture a guess?

I love the fact that the alternating squares
are white with tiny black dots.
So current, in terms of trends.

Someone had gotten this as a quilt top and 
decided to have it machine quilted with an
overall design.
I generally don't like to see vintage tops
quilted this way, but
maybe there are situations where it might actually
have saved the top.

The quilt's been washed and it's
soft and clean.
Now it has a new home
where it will be cared for and appreciated.

As I watched this person's belonging
being packed up and scattered to the winds,
I was reminded
how fleeting our collections can be.
Hopefully, many of her
treasures found new homes
and can hang out in new collections,
at least for awhile.

Until Next Time-


  1. Great find! I am off to California to run an 'estate' sale. Hope we have that kind of turn out.

  2. Looks like a Black Friday sale!
    You really scored, Kyle! It is lovely, and I don't know the name, either. : )

  3. Nice find Kyle! It really is a treasure.

  4. Oh so pretty. Yes. life is so fleeting...just need to emjoy each moment!

  5. The brighter blues is pretty in this quilt. I looked in Barbara Brackman's block encyclopedia and did not find one exactly like this. Duck's Foot was very similar except the corner blocks would be rotated 180 degrees. Good find.

  6. What a pretty quilt! Enjoy your new treasure :0)

  7. You did find a treasure! I do not recognize the block. I am glad you weren't trampled!

  8. That is a treasure! I like the way it was waiting patiently just for you. It's absolutely beautiful. It would be a fun quilt to replicate, the main block is really effective.

  9. My goodness that looked scary - I think I would have turned tail and run! But what a lovely find - so fresh and pretty!

  10. It is really lovely and so glad you did not get trampled in the stampede! Wondering if it might be a variation of Wild Goose Chase (Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia) ? The fabrics are wonderful and the original quilter is smiling knowing her quilt has a loving home.

  11. I wonder how many of the pack were dealers? Fun to people watch. Good there were no injuries :-)
    I'd be in for calling it a variation of 1859a, in Brackman. Fun find!

  12. great purchase! love this quilt it is so pretty. great fabrics and the quilting.
    wow. glad it is in a good home and will be loved and treasured for years to come

  13. WOW WOW what a great find! I love that combination of colors - always wanted to make a summer quilt with those.
    Lucky you -
    what a crazy crowd!!

  14. Wow Kyle - I'm guessing you got the best item at the sale! I love the colors too! Not sure of what the block's name is, but hopefully someone will fill us in...... I usually attend Estate Sales on the 2nd day when things have calmed down and they mark things half price cuz those crowds CAN be scary!

  15. Such a wonderful found treasure. I am glad it is at a new home in which it will be well cared for and appreciated.

  16. Oh Kyle - it's gorgeous! I love all those colours together and the plain block fabric is perfect. So pleased its being appreciated in a new home.

  17. What a wonderful find! I'm sure you will treasure the beautiful quilt.

  18. I am so happy for you that you found that beautiful treasure! It is wonderful! I love the fabric and the coloring. I don't have anything else to do, so maybe I will make it! Hahahahaha. But yes, I would love to!