Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A New Endeavor

Over the years I've enjoyed
watching my three daughters
develop their own sense of style.
From the colors they use in their homes,
 to the clothes they enjoy wearing
to the furnishings that they use
to decorate their homes.

Jessica, Kate and Elizabeth

They are all very busy with their
careers and families and 
don't have much time 
to pursue many crafty hobbies.
Except recently.

My daughter, Kate,
over at La Vita,
has decided to make and sell
 some fun stationary cards on Etsy.
I'm always looking for simple cards
to express a thought or kind word.

I like her use of
different fonts and colors
to express a simple greeting.
They're modern and playful.

Email has taken away some of 
the letter writing and note sending habit.
But who still doesn't love getting
a card or a note the old fashion way?

Maybe a hand written note or card
 will find its way back
as we become more and more
impersonal with so much"social media".

Until Next Time-


  1. Great cards! And a handwritten note is such a special treat to receive. My daughter has made me a collection of cards too.

  2. I still send handwritten notes and always will! They are lovely!!!

  3. What fun cards. I do still keep notecards on hand. Nothing like getting an unexpected note in the mail from someone just expressing appreciation for what you mean to them.

  4. Congratulations, I'm sending her good luck and just placed my order!

  5. Love how you write about your daughters. You obviously have a great relationship with them.:) Very fun cards! Love the simplicity of the message especially.

  6. Oh these cards are wonderful!!! Simple, timeless and witty. The Gobble Gobble one made me laugh out loud.

  7. You have been blessed with three very lovely daughters! I really like the simplicity of Kate's cards! I hope she will do well with endeavor!

  8. what beautiful ladies! great photo.
    I always send hand written notes and cards, there is nothing like getting "real mail" and hand written messages.
    Here line is lovely

  9. Cute cards and beautiful daughters!