Wednesday, October 24, 2012


 My grandbabies love to play
It makes everyone giggle 
and they want to do it over and over again.

That's a fun thing.
But when you applique,
 peek-a-boo is not a fun thing.

Appliquing is the process of 
stitching pieces on top of pieces.

Sometimes the piece below wants to
be noticed even when it's not suppose too.
When I finished appliqueing my giant moon
on the Midnight Silhouette quilt,
my bright harvest moon 
had turned rather dull.
The black background was interfering.
The solution is to remove the black from behind the moon
to eliminate the shadowing. 

Ever see a snowman quilt and the 
snowmen look dull or have
unwanted designs from the background fabric below?

Sometimes that background has to go,
 it has to be done carefully,
so ONLY the background is cut away not the newest applique piece.

There are special scissors that can prevent this from happening.
 They're odd looking,
with a pelican bill,
 but the curved blade slides 
along the bottom and doesn't mistakenly poke and
pick up the bottom fabric and accidentally cutting it.

So with the background cut away,
 the color of the moon will be true and bright again
when it's laid on top of the white batting eventually,

Look how much that black background was shadowing.
This is the back side after the background has 
been cut away.
See how much of a shadow the black cat makes.
That's how much the moon was being eclipsed.

Until Next Time-

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  1. great fix. I have to admit that I almost always cut away the backing -