Monday, October 8, 2012

Mountain Trail Sew Along

My days are pretty scheduled.
Playtime, nap time, bottles and baby food, ...

So when Lori at Humble Quilts started her newest quilt-a-long
I knew it was the perfect project
 to give me some unplanned creative sewing time.

To add to the challenge,
 I decided to use the " dump and sew" strategy.
What is that exactly?

Beth at, Love Laugh Quilt
suggests you dump your scrap bag and see what happens.
 The perfect solution for a mini scrappy quilt.

Out came the scraps.
A couple of years ago I passed on most of my scraps,
 so what was in there was relatively new.
Even then
sometimes you need to ask for someone else's opinion.

I did noticed two themes.  
Blacks, browns, blues, shirtings, with a cheddar cheese trail

Modern Brights
Leftover Kate Spain, Fig Tree, Sandy Gervais maybe with a bright Raspberry trail.

No problem having two themes.
Just make two quilts.

With a little more sorting

and cutting

 these mountain trails are beginning to take shape.

This has been a great exercise is 
exploration and discovery.

Christopher and I must have 
a little bit in common.
Until Next Time- 


  1. Your little helper has very good taste when it comes to helping you pick fabrics.

    Your second pile looks like it could be a quilt for a little girl. Maybe for the new grand-baby. Do you have your sewing machine with you during the week. I know you aren't at home.

  2. Maybe Sanford will learn to quilt!