Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hand Stitching

I've had several people ask me
 if I would share my hand piecing secrets.
 Nothing I do is a secret, 
so here are a couple of my how to tips.

 I use only cotton thread 
and pick a color that blends
 with the darker color
 rather than the lighter side.

 I  use a #10 between needle.
 I use this size needle for almost everything.

 Pieces that are going to be hand pieced
 need to have the stitching line
 drawn on the wrong side of the fabric.
The sewing line is important here.

 Then cut out with a scant 1/4 inch seam.
The cutting line isn't the important line in hand piecing.

 Place right sides together. 
Using straight pins match up
 the pencil lines.

Check the other side.

 I knot my thread and start with a back stitch.

 Then I use a small running stitch
 pushing the fabric onto the needle.

I usually get 4-5 stitches on the needle
and then slide them off.
 Small even stitches work best..

 When I start the next set of stitches
 I'm in the habit of starting with a back stitch
and then the running stitches.
 Better secure than sorry.
 I end with a back stitch and then a knot

When I attach multiple pieces together and
I get to another seam allowance,
I treat it as if I were starting and stopping a single piece,
 then poke the needle through to the other side of the seam
 and begin the pattern again.

 I do press as I go,
 just like machine piecing.

. Because none of the seam allowances are stitched down,
 you can manipulate them any direction that best fits the block.

 Ready to give it a try?
 Hope so.
 Until Next Time-


  1. I haven't tried hand piecing, yet ! you made it look so much easier then I thought it would be . thanks for sharing the tutorial on how you do it.
    LOVE your project btw!

  2. Hand piecing is so relaxing, and makes for such a soft, drapey quilt. Beautiful block!

  3. Wow, amazing! You have to be so very precise, don't you? You are very talented! Love this red and white!

  4. That was sweet of you to do. I admired your block the one you posted today previously.

  5. great tutorial - I did everything wrong on my apple core, lol.
    thanks for sharing your process.