Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October Treats

Some of my favorite quilts in my collection 
are fall designs and 

with those rich autumn colors.

 It seems to be a favorite time of the year for many of us even
though  I've added a sweatshirt to my wardrobe and put
flannel sheets on the bed.

 This is one of my very favorite quilts. 

55" x55"

It's from the Halloween Threads book 
and the pattern was designed by Janet Miller

I loved doing the embroidery

 with different the stitches to accent the pumpkin shape. 
The border fabric was the inspiration source for
the colors I chose.

  It's one of those
delicious ticking fabrics that I had collected.

There were several of my quilting buddies
 who were working on the same design at the same time.
 That's great motivation.
 I love how everyone adds their own special uniqueness to their quilts.

 The second quilt is from the book,
Seasonings,  by Jan Patek and Sue Spargo.
56" x60"
The pattern is a single pumpkin with Jan's typical folk art design.
 Instead I made four and
used the design to teach an appliqué class.

  Each square gave the students a different technique to try,
  needle turn, freezer paper, fusible, and machine appliqué.

 The prim style is perfect for beginning appliquers.
The shapes are so forgiving, large
and quick to do.
Add some more fun on the back with your labels.
It's the only way I could possibly remember when I made this.

Fall is definitely here.
Go gather a few pumpkins,
crunch through a few leaves,
and bring out a few fall quilts to enjoy.

  Until Next Time-


  1. My favorite is the Jan & Sue design pumpkin. So very much like a Jan design. I like the bird on that one.
    When tickings started coming out in the quilt fabric lines, I couldn't understand why. Once I used one, I found out that they could work in a quilt just fine. Wish I had purchased more of some.

  2. Oh my, Kyle your labels are wonderful! So are your festive pumpkin quilts! Lovely post....I think I will go outside and do what you have suggested!

    Have a great day!

    :) Carolyn

  3. Fall colors are so easy to work with, aren't they? Your Halloween quilts are darling - and great labels, too. The four block is a scream.

  4. I just love that purple is considered a Halloween color now - it adds a great zing to fall quilts! Yours are all just wonderful interpretations of the patterns - I can imagine how fun it is to displa them each year. Your labels are awesome and fun!