Friday, June 5, 2015

Watch Out for the Snail

 When we lived in California
a long time ago,
we would sometimes find hundreds of snails

crossing our driveway in the evening.
It would be rather creepy.
So I don't have an enduring love affair with snails.

But over the weekend,
Running Man was practicing his welding skills and
made the cutest snail for the garden.

No slime left behind by this one.
Thank goodness.
This achatinoidea is about 2 feet tall.

 Quirky, for sure, but cute just the same.
Until Next time


  1. very cute! I saw a shell-less snail yesterday - I think it was slug. even worse!

  2. I love him! Your running man did wonderful work.

  3. Now that is one cute snail! When we lived on the Olympic Peninsula in WA, we had slimy slugs every where. Definitely the opposite of cute!

  4. What a perfect garden ornament, very cute and even better wont eat your plants!

  5. I would certainly enjoy this in the garden rather than the real things....

  6. Lol!! What a fun post, and a great welcome to the newest member of your garden.

  7. ha ha. Hate snails in reality but your yard ornament is perfect.:)