Monday, June 15, 2015

Babies At Our House

 We've become parents again.


Take a look at this Smilebox
and see what we've been enjoying.
Some of the pictures are a bit fuzzy.
We tried to keep our distance.

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 Until Next Time-


  1. WOW!! I had to watch it twice!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. They are so cute ! I really enjoyed your video :-D

    Thanks !

  3. So beautiful! Dare I ask what lunch was?

    1. A tasty little vole or two which is nice thing for our lawn

  4. Too cute Kyle! I always enjoy the robins that next in our trees, but we also had magpies this year and I think they ATE the baby robins - ARGH - they are SO annoying and obnoxious - wish we had some cuties like you have!

  5. What fun, Kyle. I'll bet they are fascinating to watch!

  6. OH those are so cool!! Love those babies...and that explains what was nesting under our farm rafters!

  7. Your movie is so cute and fun, I loved the soundtrack! Thanks for sharing your garden entertainment with us.

  8. Wonderful! They are darling, and your pictures are wonderful.

  9. Such a cute little video. If lunch was voles, perhaps you should send them to my house when they're done clearing up your yard. We've had voles AND moles the last two summers.

  10. Little cuties! We have kestrals around but have not seen young ones. Birds are so fascinating though right now I am in an all out battle with a robin who insists on building its nest on a main log beam that runs along our front porch - right under where everyone walks...

  11. DE-lightful! what a fun fun smilebox. What a wonderful bird story - they are so beautiful!
    your post made my coffee so fun this morning - I'm such a sucker for birds!

  12. I really enjoyed your slide show! How fun to watch these little ones grow up and take flight. You got some wonderful photos!