Monday, April 21, 2014

The Cupcakery Is Back

Since I've been back in Denver
taking care of this sweet little guy,
my daughter's co-workers have been
inquiring....any cupcakes?

How can we turn down such a devoted following?
So last week, 
we put on our aprons and started baking.

We baked our vanilla cupcakes
with butter cream frosting.
They're always yummy, but
the star of the cupcakes were going to be
 the sweet baby birds of spring.

We made a ring of frosting to form the
 shape of the nest,
sprinkled on toasted coconut to create
the perfect bird's nest.

The baby birds were the most fun to make.
Using the mini Cadbury shelled chocolate eggs

 we piped a tiny bit of yellow frosting for beaks and

then added two black dots for eyes.

Don't they look like hungry birds?

My daughter sent an email out to
inform the gang in the lab
that there were cupcakes!

In 10 minutes those cupcake deprived coworkers
had emptied the tray.

 Wish I had a picture of that.

I'm not sure who was hungrier,
the co-workers or baby birds.

Until Next Time-


  1. What cute cupcakes ! Love the little baby birds !

  2. Very cute! I bet they were yummy :0)

  3. Such a cute cupcake idea. Where do you get your inspiration?

  4. Very cute cupcakes! I think your grandson is asking, "Where is my cupcake?'

  5. Clever - I can tell that your creativity extends far beyond your sewing machine! LOL Lucky gals to get a taste of those cupcakes....

  6. I am so glad to see the return of the cupcakes. I can enjoy the creativity without calories.
    Looking forward to the next creations on fabrics and batter :-)

  7. Such an adorable little chap - I bet he is a treat to mind! Your cupcakes are magic - no suprise they were gobbled up quick smart!

  8. Very cute cupcakes - clever girls!

  9. Oops - very cute young man too!!

  10. What a little honey - your Grandson is a handsome young man! And those cupcakes are too darn cute for words

  11. Those are inspired! So cute. And that sweet little guy sure does look sweet!

  12. Your Grandson is adorable. The cupcakes make my mouth water. Hugs

  13. Mouthwatering cupcakes! Your little guy is sweet, too.

  14. both the cupcakes and your grandson look sweet!!
    I love cupcakes they are the perfect sweet treat.

  15. Gorgeous grandson and super fabulous cupcakes!

  16. How cute is that! What a perfect idea. :) blessings, marlene