Friday, April 11, 2014

Out of the Blue

 Since the beginning of the year
I have been moving back and forth:
from complex projects to simple patterns,
from long term finishes to quick sews and
 from old half finished projects to new ones.

There seems to be a place for each
in my eclectic quilting style and unpredictable schedule.

 I recently downloaded the free pattern,
demonstrated by  Kimberly

It's fast and easy,
especially if you use charm packets.
Instead, I cut some 5" squares of 
some older "odds and ends" blues and
some, "I don't use white on white prints anymore"
to stitch this easy peasy quilt top together.

Here's the general idea.

Make Nine patches

cut Nine Patches,

resew Nine Patches.

Just so you know, I did use some oldies...

Once everything is sewn together
it makes an interesting design.

I'll admit using some current bright and
cheerful charm packets would make a totally
different and delightful quilt, but
this is what I had and this is what I used.

Once it's quilted and bound,
 new life will be added to  some "classic fabrics".

I'm thinking ahead with this top.
My local quilt shop
donates lap size quilts to nursing home residences
each Christmas,
I'm looking forward to be able to
include this quilt as a gift
to some special person.

It's not like I was lacking in projects,
or needed something to do,
it was just something I did,
"Out of the Blue".
  Until Next Time- 


  1. I too downloaded this pattern but haven't started. A great use of your Vintage fabric. Hugs, Cathy

  2. I'm sure it will be loved no matter what you do with it.

  3. You cleared some space for new fabric and made a nice, useful quilt that will be appreciated! Good job! : )

  4. Looks like you've got a little of everything in that quilt - and they all play so nicely together! Fun to stitch up a quick project, huh?

  5. I think that would be wonderful to donate this lovely quilt ! Nice way to use your blues stash !

  6. There's just something about blue that looks so classic. This will make a perfect donation quilt or anything else you decide to do with it.:)

  7. What a great quilt idea. If you do donate it, whoever receives it will love it! I am going to download this pattern too. Our guild makes and donates quilts to families in need, or have lost their home to a fire. I think this would go together rather quickly. I also ordered a back issue of Primitive Quilts Spring 2012 . I have to have some Wabbits!!

  8. Thanks what a great pattern for scraps as well! I have a great collection of old fabrics in a colour way I no longer like, but would be perfect for a charity quilt. Thanks for the link.

  9. Variety in projects is the spice of life. You don't get bored that way.

  10. Well done you, Kyle. I'm sure there will be a very happy recipient come Christmas!

  11. Very pretty.. so nice to see some older stash fabrics mixed in.
    I love scrap quilts - they have so much charm to them (no pun
    I agree - we all need a few quick projects mixed in with those long term ones.

  12. That turned out so cute! There's so many patterns to do and not enough time. :-) Love your bunnies and your Di Ford mystery,

  13. What a lovely charity quilt! I know someone will love it.

  14. Love the Blues! I just finished my twills quilt. It is huge!! I pieced the back with twills, too. I'm going to send it out to be quilted though, it would take me way too long to hand quilt.