Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Approach

I've been having fun working on this
vintage applique pattern,
The Noah and Matilda album.
The pattern is available from
Dawn, at Collector with a Needle.

 I had assumed I would have lots of 
time to stitch while

 this little guy took long
multiple naps during the day.

Does that look like a sleepy baby?
So without those long blocks of time,
I've been slowly (emphasize slowly)
working on the 4 blocks for the month of April.

It's interesting how differently people might 
approach a project
when time seems to be limited.
Do you do the hardest blocks first, 
so you can sprint to the end.
Or do the easiest ones first so it might 
feel like your making progress quickly?
Or even still,
mix it up.

my approach is to start with hardest and 
finish with easiest.
This time I did the reverse,
I went from 

to challenging.
I wanted to see some progress,
 no matter how slowly.

This block doesn't appear too hard.
That leaves block #4
which for me, will be the hardest, and
 most time consuming block,

But wait there's more,

 little mini circles 
that represent grapes. (39, I believe)
Don't they look
like little tiny red spider mites that
 are ready to attack a houseplant.

Everyone has a different perspective
on how to approach a project,
especially one with varying degrees of difficulty.
If I were starting April's blocks at this point,
I probably would have done my grapes first.
Because they would be done by now!

Either way,
This is a great BOM
and the blocks are going to be
beautiful and awesome when they are done.

Until Next Time-


  1. What an amazing Applique' quilt project!
    Your blocks are coming along beautifully and I love your fabric choices for this quilt!
    YIKES.... that's a lot of teeny tiny circles for just one block.
    I'm sure the block will look stunning once it's completed though.

  2. What a beautiful quilt! You are making lots of headway and that baby is super adorable!

  3. No matter how you approach it, this quilt is going to be beautiful! I do the hardest block next to last. If I save it to the last, I fear I will never complete the quilt!

  4. Enjoy your time with that cute little guy - they don't stay small like that for long. Your blocks are lovely! I know all about slow progress! You'll get them done :0)

  5. Lovely Applique and such teeny grapes ! Oh My ! Beautiful quilt !

  6. He is the cutest guy! What a great smile.
    I'm a back baster and yes I back basted my grapes and stuffed them. Love that your grapes are red.
    Thanks for sharing, can you believe we are 1/3 of the way through?

  7. Those blocks are looking great! I usually do the prep work and then the hardest blocks first. I'm usually all excited to get going and then at towards the end I'm starting to fade a little. Makes it so much nicer when the easy stuff is all I have to do to have a finish.:)

  8. What a happy baby!! My children never took long naps as babies, just little 'cat naps'. I had a friend whose babies would take a 2 hour nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. I think that mixing it up, some easier and some harder works best. You make some progress with easier ones and your are not leaving all the hard ones for last. Your applique work is beautiful!

  9. What a beautiful quilt. You're doing well to get 4 blocks done a month especially when they have so many berries. I hadn't thought about whether I tackle hard things first or ease in with the easy tasks. That little baby is such a cutie!!

  10. Beautiful blocks--and beautiful, wakeful baby! : )

  11. Your fabric selection is lovely, and your progress is impressive. I don't think I would be getting much done with that adorable little guy smiling and nearby. Babies come first, that's for sure.
    I'm hanging my head in shame. I had high hopes for beginning and keeping up with my Noah and Matilda blocks, but not much progress yet. Nothing that I care to share. For now, I'm just enjoying seeing what everyone else is doing.
    Well done, Kyle.

  12. how can you sew when there is such a cute baby to play with?
    Your making good progress, enjoy the ride.

  13. I think you've been busy for such a good reason! I have some of those blocks that I am hoping to get to soon!

  14. What a beautiful piece - stunning really. But with a baby, no matter how good, there is just so much to do and so little time left over! blessings, marlene

  15. The baby is adorable. Now for the quilt....I bit the bullet and bought the first 4 installments. The quilt is so beautiful and your blocks are fabulous. They inspired me to try. Hugs

  16. A lovely pattern to be doing - those of us who are drawn to vintage applique quilts are in quilting heaven with all that is out there to choose from. And anything with lots of circles no longer scares me. How sayisfying to see a container of these little round gems multiply!

  17. I enjoy watching your progress on the blocks. Love the red and greens you are using. Is taking care of baby time about over?

  18. They baby is adorable!!!
    I have just been making my blocks in the order they are printed out. I finished appliqueing number 4 last night. Now for the embroidery. I may just get them finished before May's installment arrives!
    Your blocks are wonderful. I loooove your red berries! The blue and yellow fabrics in your 2nd block are great. I've made mine in all reds and greens only. I love your version!