Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Sweet Cupcakery Duo

 Elizabeth and I,
The Sweet Cupcakery Duo,
wanted to make our final cupcake treat,
molto bueno
In other words,
we wanted to end our baking relationship
 with a cupcake
that would cause the co-workers
begging for more.

We decided that the rich
flavors of both chocolate and salted caramel
would be the ideal combo.
It's like a marriage made in heaven.

We used the basic chocolate cake recipe
Enhancing a basic cake mix is a 
perfectly acceptable alternative to scratch baking
especially with our busy days.

Being a mile high in elevation,
the high altitude adjustments just become part of
the baking experience so
the cupcakes turned out perfect.

Once the chocolate cupcakes were slightly cooled,
we poked numerous holes in the tops
and poured about a tablespoon 
of caramel sauce over each one.
We let that caramel goodness soak into the cake.
Instead of making our own caramel
we took the easy route and used a jar
of caramel sundae sauce.

The frosting was a Salted Caramel Buttercream.
Using a basic American Buttercream recipe
we added some caramel  sauce and 
a generous pinch of sea salt.

The frosting was sweet, creamy and buttery
with just a hint of salt.

With an extra drizzle of caramel,
a few sprinkles of Fleur de Sel
and a Dove Milk Chocolate Caramel 
perched on top, it was

Too Much?

We don't think so!
And neither did the co- workers.
The cupcakes were gone in minutes.
Until Next Time-