Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Bag of Tricks

 A good cook always has a well
stocked pantry.

A magician always has an extra
card up their sleeve.

A quilter always has a great "go to"
quick and easy baby quilt
stashed in the closet.

When a new member of the family 
arrives on the scene, a Great Auntie,
needs to be prepared.

I know most long time quilters,
generally,  have a couple of quick
"go to" designs that make wonderful gifts
for new babies.

Over the years fabric designers have
created some wonderful fun fabric panels
that can easily be bordered and bound.

I keep my eyes open for cute ones and
their coordinating fabrics and keep a small stockpile
for those special occasions. 

I loved this ABC flannel panel.
The coordinating fabrics were bright and fun.

Even if a quilt is simple doesn't mean
that construction techniques can be neglected.
 Adding the narrow inner border, 1 ", and 
the wider outer border, 5", 
still requires measuring carefully and  sewing
a close to 1/4" seam.

Even a simple quilt needs to end up a 
rectangle without wobbly edges.

A design like this also gives me a
 perfect venue to practice some simple
machine quilting designs.
These spirals aren't hard, but technique is still important.

We all know quality fabric isn't inexpensive.
Even this simple quilt will end up with a price tag of
about $60.
Keeping the width under 40 inches
is one economical thought.
So the idea of taking a preprinted panel
and surrounding it with a couple of borders is:
simple - yes
fun - yes
a place to practice skills - yes
inexpensive - not really
full of love to wrap the newest baby in - yes

 Until Next Time-


  1. What a sweet and bright cheerful quilt for any new baby! I love fabric panels for baby quilts. Though once in a while I make a more complex pieced quilt and hand quilt the extra-special ones.

  2. What a darling quilt!
    I like your analysis on creating a panel quilt - well said!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is a very cute panel. You are a good great auntie to do this. I think I have too many nieces and nephews--and three nieces have already had babies this year. I don't dare try to make them all quilts. First, I don't have the time it would take, and second, as you say, it isn't inexpensive!
    But I do love a baby quilt for practicing FMQ. Seems less threatening than a full bed quilt, and the baby won't care if I make mistakes. : )

  4. Very cute 'go to' baby quilt! Not every quilt needs to be complex. Your stitching is perfect on the border.:)

  5. Very well summed up, and to be honest I don't gift many baby quilts. Your gift is generous and very cute!