Monday, May 6, 2013

Still in the Swing of Things

A natural part of childhood
is swinging on a swing.

Once you initially get going,
you need to add some of your own
leg power and muscle to keep up the momentum.
Otherwise, gravity will make you
go slower and slower until you stop.

 And you're just left hanging there, going no where.
 There's a physics lesson in there somewhere.

I've been working on my red and white sampler quilt
for a year and a half.
That includes the piecing and,
now since January, 
 the handquilting.

I counted today.
I have 8 blocks to go (out of 100), plus 
a narrow border and
the binding.

I've got new momentum.
I'm in full swing
  Until Next Time-


  1. Beautiful hand quilting!
    Your quilt is going to be an amazing work of art!

    Thanks for sharing those fabulous "Swing" pictures.
    Such fun to see.

  2. Wow, what gorgeous blocks and exquisite hand quilting!

  3. Lovely hand quilting. Pretty embroidery too.
    Nice to be swinging again ;-)

  4. That's awesome! Beautiful work and great progress. It always feels so good to get that new momentum.:)

  5. I don't think I was ever brave enough to stand up on a swing going high.