Monday, May 20, 2013

New Skills for My Resume

The first thing a person needs 
to when changing careers is to
update their resume.

With my current employment 
coming to a close this week,
I needed to think about what new or
 refreshed skills I had acquired.

Here's what I'm thinking about adding:

1.  Being able to do repetitve activities
with a continual smile and enthusisam.

2. Being able to stay up with a body in continual motion.

3. Being able to motivate or distract or redirect
a body that's in continual motion.

4. My increased ablitiy for problem
and puzzle solving.

5. Being able to keep all the balls
bouncing at the same time.

6.  Being able to wipe away a tear and add a  kiss
to make it all better again.

With these added skills,
I'm sure there's a new opportunity
just waiting for me.

Until Next Time-


  1. Critical skills!! What a darling!!

  2. You can take on anything now! : )

  3. How sweet! Any woman would love that resume!

  4. That last pic is so beautiful!

  5. All important skills that can be applied everyday by everyone ;-)