Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have been feeling like the Pokey Little Puppy.
Just always a little behind the rest of the puppies.

I have been slowly working on my #7 project from
the Great Project Progress Plan.

 My project has been this wonderful wool table runner.

Of course, who follows the directions of a pattern?
I decided to create the base first, machine quilt it and
then add the applique pieces, instead of the reverse.

I didn't want to have to start and stop and jump over the
applique when quilting the runner.
 I machine quilted it using Aurifil's
 Lana wool thread.
I love sewing with it.  

I just used a jean size needle, to prevent fraying,
regular weight thread in the bobbin, 
a long stitch length, and my walking foot.
And in no time at all the top was quilted 
with the hand stitched look of a big stitch
done in wool thread.

Next I added the binding, might as well,
 and fused on the wool pieces.  I used the 
soft to fuse, which I love.
 It is so light you don't feel any stiffness at all
 Having the binding in place helped with the placement of everthing.

I try to save time wherever I can.  I bought a new 
packege of embroidery needles size 22 and filled
all 6 with perel cotton thread.

 I hate to have to stop and rethread a needle.
I cut the thread about 18" long.  I know, that may seem short,
but it does keep me from frazzling
 when the thread starts to fray and breaks.

So I've started blanket stitching,

cross hatching the stems, and stitching on the berries.

All that in between

Until Next Time-


  1. You're going to be ready for Christmas before the rest of us!

  2. Kyle your baby [grandchild] is wonderful! You have him to keep you from quilting and I have this crazy med that makes me sleep all the time. I can share with you :) ! I love the idea of quilting the wool project first ....thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend and get some sleep and projects done over the week-end.

  3. Love the runner and your approach!
    Very sweet baby :-)
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Love that smile at the end of your post!

  5. great runner project - and cutest baby photo!!
    thanks for the closeups, your stitching is great!