Monday, May 16, 2011

Mine was a Good One

Weekends are good no matter what gets done
or doesn't get done.
Weekends are good when you're too busy or
have plenty of time to relax.
Weekends are good if your alone or have lots of company.

My weekend was a mixture of all those things.
It included some cooking, sewing, dodging raindrops,
movies, laundry, errands, and enjoying friends.

I went and saw this movie with my quilting buddies.
It was a good ol' fashioned romantic love story.

It was a friend's birthday so I needed to make a pie.
Good ol' coconut cream pie.

I had time to head to my sewing studio and
do some good ol' piecing.
I love the pattern by Moda for the Flag of Valor
by Minick and Simpson.
The fabric arrived at the store a couple of weeks ago

I have most of the stars pieced.  I had ordered another
background from Hancocks of Paducah.  It's backordered
so I'll give it a week to show up and then I'll find something else 
in my stash.

Earlier in the week I did some more baking.
I usually make cupcakes for the Stashbuster's Class.  
It's fun and gives me an opportunity to bake and not
have the goodies around the house too long.

Blueberry Lemon Cupcakes

I used a recipe I found on Annie Eats.
Check it out if your looking for a yummy spring treat.

Hope your weekend was just as "full" and "pleasurable".
If not, start planning.  Another one will be here in 5 days.
Until Next Time-


  1. Lots of yummy treats at your house!!! I'll be right over!

  2. I made cupcakes and they did not look as pretty as yours...I need some lessons!

  3. Thank you for your words of praise. It means a lot to me in international posts. I started sewing in January 2011th.
    Your work is beautiful.