Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kyle's Olympics

Did you get a chance to see the opening Winter Olympic ceremony?  It's one of my favorite parts... the pageantry, the world coming together for a moment in time, the athlete's enthusiasm and the excitement for the events they have prepared for over many years, and especially the lighting of the torch.


I was thinking maybe over the next 16 days I should participate in my own Olympics.  I can set what ever goal or goals  I want, work on them and see what metal I'm awarded on the  podium at the end of two weeks.  Let's see.

1. I'm going to head to the basement every morning and do my jogging.  I'll pretend I'm on cross country skis.

As you can see I have a cheering section.

2. I am going to complete one section of my Ocean Wave antique quilt restoration each night that I am in front of the TV.  This is my figure skating event, precision is key.

3. I'm going to sew on the binding to my tisket a tasket basket quilt. This is my giant slalom, around 4 sides,  around 4 corners and then head for home.
That's enough events for even the finest athlete.  I don't want to injure myself.

Until Next time- Kyle