Sunday, February 7, 2010

February is the Color Pink

Actually, Valentine's Day is represented by a lot of different colors now.  At the store we have fabric that is red, white, pink, black, purple...  So I decided I would just use pink to represent the month of February.  I am not really much of a pink girl.  But I thought I would share a few quilts that I have that are primarily that color.

This week I have been doing quite a bit of sewing and have completed a top.  It is with the Rouenneries fabric that I have been working on. 

It's not a great photo and once it is quilted it will look so much better.  But I have to save up to have that done.  The fabrics are red, pink taupe, and greenish gray.  It is a pattern by Carrie Nelson, Miss Rosie's quilts.
I think it will look great in my guest bedroom.

A couple of other quilts that are pink.

Hearts and Arrows - 2001
Can you find my deliberate mistake? 

It was fun to use lots of the double pink reproduction fabrics I had collected over the years.

The next two pink quilt tops are vintage ones.

This is a simple double nine patch.  Most of the pink color comes from the sashing which is pink and the border.  The little blocks are made from early 19th century fabrics.

I would guess that the blocks were made first and were set together at a later time.  The pink sashing doesn't look quite as old as the blocks, but old nonetheless.

  But the little 3 inch blocks are a treasure of fabrics samples from that time period.

The second vintage pink quilt top is a composed of blocks called Union Square.
I love the sawtooth border and the simplicity of a two color quilt. The quilt is probably about  100 years old.

Don't you love the mistake here  

Enjoy the month of hearts, roses, valentines and pink quilts.

Until Next Time-Kyle

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