Friday, July 29, 2016

Proper Prepping= Perfect Piecing

 Everyone knows the adage 
"Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance"

This week has been all about prepping.
Getting parts of projects planned and assembled so that
 "Proper Prepping = Perfect Piecing.

There's usually a proper approach to 
tackling a task,
but sometimes it might seem daunting or
never ending.

I came up with a plan to 
devote one or two days to one project.
See what I could accomplish and
then move on to another one.

Notice I didn't use the words
complete or finish. 
That was not the plan.
I just needed to focus on 
some proper prepping.

A Star a Day:
This project has been hanging
over my head like a galaxy of stars
 far far away.

I spent some time prepping
 diamond shaped pieces
using a sand paper board and a
very fine lead to mark the hand stitching lines.

 Proper Prepping = Perfect Piecing

Little Wooly Baskets:

These adorable little wool baskets
were a free pattern from Dawn Heese-
of Linen Closet Designs.

 Soon you'll be able to order the
 pattern as a complete set.

I had collected the 12 designs and
finally traced,
and cut some more
and finally fused one more time.
You know the drill:

Proper Prepping=Perfect Piecing

Summer Scraps:

This quilt is from the Temecula Quilt Co.

 (image from Temecula Quilt Co. website)
Oh, what a wonderful way to use up scraps,
I thought.

And it will be,
 once I get all the cutting done.
I have been truly using my scraps that
have lingered in a huge garbage sack for years.
It looks like a giant white slug bulging  at the seams.
Not a very pleasant picture image.

But recently,
Rachael of Blue Mountain Daisy
 referred to her scraps as her
Happy Memory Bucket.
I love the name and image because
it really is made up of the scraps of past quilts
filled with memories.

There, doesn't that look and sound better.

Slowly I'm making progress,
cutting out the right number of pieces and
dwindling down the scraps.
The proper plan will be to
sew it as a Leaders and Enders project
throughout the fall.


My very proper prepping
will certainly equal
very perfect piecing.
I'll keep you posted.

Until Next Time-


  1. You are working on so many lovely projects! I adore the wooly baskets and I do have the templates for a star a day, but phew.... so many other projects I am working on. It really is difficult to get a grip on everything... funny thing... I have the same little helper!

  2. All your projects are WONDERFUL!! Several are on my 'Bucket List' so I will be watching over your shoulder!

  3. Your prepping was very successful! I have been eying the wool baskets project and might just go start printing them out.

  4. Wow what a great system you have developed for organizing your projects. They all appear to be well worth it in my opinion.
    Love those photos, especially the last one. Gosh, can you believe the frippery on those ladies!
    happy friday

  5. You just write the best posts ever!! I love that scrap bag...just my thing, and your stars are just so pretty! I love the tiny waists of all those ladies in a row.

  6. I love the big white slug bag of scraps. I get so excited digging around in mine just dreaming up possibilities. I love the Temecula Summer Scraps quilt. Bonnie Hunter did a Leader/ Ender with that shape. I really like all your prepped baskets. Yes, it takes a long time to do all of that but how sweet when you can just sit down and stitch. Lovely post Kyle. Have a great weekend.

  7. Thanks for the share, love your blog.

  8. Your posts are so delightful, Kyle! Each of your projects is something I wish I was working on. Maybe I need to do some prepping and get those baskets ready for stitching--I have been saving the patterns, and I have been itching to do some wool work.
    Oh, is that last photo from a guild meeting? *LOL*

  9. You are so funny... and so inspirational! The week has gotten away from me and I have not picked up a needle!! That will change now - thanks for the motivation!

  10. Loving the designation of Happy Memory Bucket! Our scraps take on a whole new level of inspiration. Each of your projects shows how well all the prep work pays off.

  11. What a fun group of projects you've prepped for yourself! Another delightful post - it's always fun to read them!

  12. I love how you set yourself such 'simple', finite goals - makes you feel good when they're accomplished and you can then move on to the next step as time allows - great idea! That lozenge quilt from Temecula sure catches my eye every time I see it - yummy! Looks like you have a nice assortment of wools to use on your basket blocks - it looks great! I notice that you're fussy cutting some of the star blocks - that always gets spectacular results in my opinion. Will you hand piece the blocks to each other too? Whew! Seems like so much work, but I guess not much different than sewing hexies, huh?

  13. Your preparation system is really helping you get through your projects. What a great approach! It's good to know the Happy Memory Bucket name saved your scraps from being called the Big White Slug LOL.

  14. OMG, where do you find your photos? They are perfect. This has been a week of prepping for me too, prepping for a couple of future projects, and one involves scraps.

  15. Your little stars look wonderful - I see you're piecing them with alternate blocks too - very, very nice :0) What a great leader and ender project - I'm glad you can start making new memories with your bag of scraps!

  16. What lovely old black and white photos to start and end your colourful post!

    I shall have to explore your blog some more.

    Your background looks similar to one of the two I used on my baskets. Look forward to seeing what they all look like when you finish the stitching. Have fun!

  17. I thought the Summer Scraps quilt would be a wonderful sewing project and great for scraps. A bed size quilt or even a throw would keep you entertained for hours looking at all the fabrics and remembering where you might have used the fabrics in the past.

  18. The old photos are always fun to see. Lots of prepping going on indeed. All the projects are lovely but oh those little wool baskets are so darn cute!

  19. The old photos are always fun to see. Lots of prepping going on indeed. All the projects are lovely but oh those little wool baskets are so darn cute!

  20. Well done! You are in great shape for piecing down the road. Sometimes I don't have the patience for the prepping part but it's so nice to have all of those projects lined up and ready to go. Summer Scraps caught my eye too but I have a few other things to finish before I start anew - I'll look forward to seeing yours come together.

  21. I think you are on the right track--little bites at a time and before you know it, you will be finished! Your little baskets are going to be adorable!

  22. Your posts are so delightful! I like your optimism and how you stay focused on the task. Where do you get some of those photos? LOL

  23. I do not know the adage but we have a simular one in the Nethetlands, the hard part is that preporation takes so much time......
    You are working on some pretty amazing things!

  24. As always a wonderful post! Great system for prepping all your lovely projects. You have one seriously big scrap bag :)

  25. What a great post, Kyle! Good luck with the rest of your Proper Prepping which I'm sure will lead to Perfect Piecing. I do love that last pic!

  26. Beautiful Star a Day blocks and so are your Wooly Baskets!
    Summer Scraps is such a wonderful pattern. Judging by your scrap bag, this is sure to be another gorgeous quilt.