Friday, July 15, 2016

Back Burner Update

It seems like the past week
has flown by.
I had committed myself to
only working on those stalled projects
that needed to be taken off the back burner.

I'm afraid, as always,
I tried to bite off more than I could chew.

But that doesn't mean that 
I didn't have a successful week.

I sauteed some small pieces into
2 inch four patches and pinwheels.  

and those were combined into 41-six inch blocks.

That's not all....

They were whipped together with 40 other six inch blocks
that were from an earlier
mystery quilt designed by Thimble Creek Quilts. 

I had used all scraps and "leftovers".

 There are still borders to figure out,
but I guess I'll move it back to the back burner
for just awhile longer to simmer.

It was fun to get out my kitchen aide mixer

 and mix up some new fabric combos

for the last four full size hexagons
I need for "Route 66" designed by Di Ford.

 I hung up the last
set that I just finished.

I'm getting closer.

One more tasty treat.

Look what finally popped out of the oven.
It had baked long enough.

Snow Happens
by Bird Brain Designs.

This has been my traveling "snack food" since
the start of the year.
It was ready to be done and enjoyed

with the red geraniums of summer.

There's still plenty lingering on those
crowded back burners,
but I'm feeling quite happy with
this week's baking.

Until Next Time-


  1. What a great post! You have been cooking up a storm! I love your latest project...a combinations of left-overs now simmering on the back-burner! Your ingredients are tasty too! Can't wait to sample the finish...YUM!!

  2. Now that is my kind of cooking! My, but you have been busy! I especially love the hexagons. Such beautiful blocks. I love your posts. So clever!

  3. You are cooking! Smoking hot! And I just love your finish...gorgeous work!

  4. You should be very happy with this weeks yield. Lovely projects. Your "Snow Happens" pillow is so fun. I love the hexies of course and the quilt top is lovely. Your photos were very fun.

  5. Lovely post! Wish I could say that my oven, pots and pans were as pristine as yours!

  6. You have been busy! Nice feeling to clean out the leftovers.

  7. You are so clever with your posts, Kyle. This was a fun read. : )
    Everything is delightful, but I especially love the light, summery feel of the quilt from your Thimble Creek Mystery blocks!

  8. I love the things that came out of your kitchen! I think I need to spent more time cooking and baking! The top is beautiful and I love the snowman cushion!

  9. You have been sewing/cooking up a storm. Those pinks, blues and greens are so pretty!

  10. Busy in the kitchen I see ;-) Congrats on a VERY productive week !

  11. I'd say you had a successful foray in the kitchen!

  12. You crack me up Kyle - a master chef with words! I don't think you've been the least bit bored lately with such an assortment of projects to work on - I'm especially partial to those wonderful fussy cut hexies! And I love the script fabric you used as the background for the leftovers quilt. Is it all one fabric? Or several different ones mixed together? The setting squares are brilliant the way they make diagonal rows of color to add interest to the overall design. Love it! Job well done!

  13. You have been baking up a storm! Love the little pillow, but the scrappy quilt top is my favorite, great colours!

  14. Thank you for dishing up a delicious feast for us to savour. You certainly have been a busy bee whipping up beautiful things.

  15. Your Thimblecreek mystery looks wonderful! Makes me think I should dig out my blocks. You used such pretty, cheerful fabrics. I love how you put your post together too - the fabric looks lovely in the bright red mixer. The snow men are darling too but I can't think about snow today - it's way too cold for July today!

  16. Wonderful post! Such beauties you cook up in your kitchen. You are so clever :) Love all your projects. You had a great week!

  17. Loved the story line Kyle - your goodies all look like they are done to perfection!

  18. I love your Snow Happens pillow, perfect for winter! I like to have a few winter items that aren't Christmasy, that I can use in January. The Oreo photo is a gem.

  19. Perfect creative cooking - and no calories! I wonder which kitchen tool you'd recommend for that wonderful hexagon fussy cutting? looking gorgeous :)

  20. What a fun post, you've had a great week in the kitchen! Lots of yummy treats to enjoy for your efforts. Now, what will you do for canning season?!

  21. Wow you really cooked up a super fun post. It was a delight to read from start to finish! I love all your project, and especially that sweet blue and white pillow. How cute and the details are very special.
    your oven is so clean! what is your secret?

  22. Creative picture taking. I could get interested in cooking if I found quilt parts when I opened the oven door or took out a skillet.

  23. My kind of meals and snacks! :-)

  24. This was just a delightful read ; what a fun spin on all of your beautiful projects! :)

  25. Fabulous post and I love that summery quilt on the bench. So nice that it is almost finished cooking. The hexies and stitchery are wonderful, too. I love seeing what is on the back burner!

  26. You've been cooking up a storm, Kyle! (Thanks for the giggle!!)

  27. Who knew what can go on in the kitchen of a quilter??!! A very fun post and you can really enjoy that full sewing pantry. Reminds of my quilt shop days when the UPS man would bring in boxes of new fabric - we always said they too were fresh out of the oven:-) Your posts are always a delight and filled with goodies to see!

  28. Hello Kyle, I am delighted to meet you and to have found your lovely blog. Your quilting and your humor go hand in hand to make me smile and feel very welcome here. I am your newest follwer #106. I'm going to add you to my favorites list; I don't want to miss a single post.
    Connie :)

  29. Hello Kyle! I really enjoy your posts. You are so funny! The scrap quilt is amazing, you have a pantry full of beautiful fabrics to cook with. I can't sew this week, but I think I'll be working on my quilt next weekend. Happy stitching!

  30. Just discovered your blog after you commented on mine! Thanks! Love all your projects and had fun reading your post!

  31. I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for “One Lovely Blog Award”. You can read about it on my blog, but I wanted you to know that you don’t have to do anything. You are already and inspiration!

  32. Really enjoyed this post, so fun! You really did cook up some wonderful quilty goodness!

  33. Love how you used your leftovers to build a new blocks to work with your other blocks. Love your colour combinations.