Friday, December 17, 2010

Fabulous Friday

For today:
Looking Out My Window: No snow here. 

My Weekend Plans Include: We are heading to Denver to bring boxes for Jessica and Martin to use in their January move, going to the Denver Zoo's night time light show, spending the night at Elizabeth's home,  and having dinner out. Busy, but fun.

I’m Reading: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larson, almost done.

Movie Marquee: I just picked up season 3 of Mad Men from the library.  

Something Quiltie: I've been working on my A to Zzzz quilt with the embroidery.  My hands always seem to have to have something to do in the evenings even when my brain has turned off. 

One of My Favorite Things:My mom used to make dozens and dozens of Christmas cookies.  When I got married I thought I had to do the same.  The bad part is I love cookies.  So now instead of quantity, I just make a few favorites.  The all time favorite is the Italian Pitzelle.  It's Ed's mom's recipe and they are always a treat. After many years of making them one at a time, using a hand held iron over the stove burner, I have an electric one that does two at a time.  It does save time, but I do admit I miss the connection to tradition when we make these delicious cookies.

I’m Thinking About: I'm counting the days for Kate to get home...6 more days.  Then it will feel like Christmas.

What’s For Dinner: Turkey meatballs with cranberry sauce.  See Kate, I'm serving turkey before you get home!

A Favorite Photo:
Didn't she make the perfect Mary?

Until Next Time-