Sunday, September 20, 2009


I like to collect old things.  My friend, Liz, gives credence to collecting vintage items by calling it "recycling."  That's right!   We're helping the environment by bringing home items that have lost their usefulness with their old owners and now with me, are given a new life.   

I love going to flea markets, "good" garage sales or estate sales.  I don't get a chance to go very often, but it's fun looking for the perfect treasure to bring home.  My mom was good at it.  She would bring home unloved oak furniture and refinish the piece into something wonderful.  She was even known to go the local dump, pull a piece of furniture out and bring it home! 

My friends are a bad influence when we travel together to a flea market.  We are like lemmings heading for the sea. 

In my sewing room I have some fun things I have "recycled".  My treasures create a motivating and an "out of the ordinary" work space.

Old picnic baskets store fabric and projects

A glass rolling pin holds mother of pearl buttons

A wooden caddie is perfect for sewing notions

Why not a muffin tin?

This one may be weird...a eye cup washer with a pincushion

An old wooden bobbin to wind binding on

It's fasinating what  "recycled treasures" you can come up with.  I'll share more another time.  What ideas do you have?

Help out the environment, explore new use for a vintage piece, and recycle.

Until next time-Kyle

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