Thursday, September 10, 2009


I finally found a couple of hours yesterday to do some sewing. It felt like heaven.  I want to show you my blocks.

Wait, let me get the perfect ones.

Let me look again....

I can't show that one.  How about this one?  Sorry.

I don't have a perfect block.  Really.

Each one has a flaw.  But I was having such a good time.  How could my blocks not be perfect?
I was listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on audio book, it was a beautiful day outside, the errands were done, and I had this nice block of time.  I wasn't stressed.  I was having fun!
I was truly enjoying the process of quiltimaking. I could go back and make a few changes here and there and maybe I will.  I do strive to make my sewing as perfect as I can.  But I wasn't in the mood to sweat the small stuff.
I found this picture on Mary Englebreit's blog the other day.  I just love it.  I made me smile and I knew whatever I attempted today would be PERFECTO! 

It was a great day. Hope yours was too.

Until next time - Kyle

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