Thursday, June 22, 2017

How to Play Parcheesi

One of my family's favorite games is 
 It's a simple game of getting your four men out
of the starting place, rolling the dice, and
moving them around the 
board towards Home. 
There are two strategies,
move one man at a time or
have all 4 men out at once sharing the roll of the dice.

It's the same thing with making quilts,
it's either working on one at a time
or working on multiple quilts.

My strategy is, of course, the multiple approach and
what seems to happen
 is that there are

several finishes close together.

A few weeks ago quilt #1
moved into Home.
My Antique Sampler, 1851, was finished.
Click here to read the whole story. 

And then before I knew it
another man had made it home.

I had made a promise to piece a quilt top
for the continuing service project my DAR group
sponsors for the VA hospital in Cheyenne, WY.

The challenge was using this fabric.

After much thought and
the help of Pinterest
here's what eventually came together.

It didn't come out exactly as planned,
but I think once it's quilted it will be fine.

Then look what happened!

Man #3 slipped in
and allowed me to cross off another
UFO from my 17 in 2017 list!

Here is my
 free mystery quilt from
Thimble Creek Quilt Shop, 2016.

 " Summer Sampler"
 64" x 64"

It was pieced from the stash

using lights and brights

to sew the 6 inch blocks.

It was set together
with these alternating pieced blocks.

I had it machine quilted by my
friend, Kathy H.
and we choose a super cute overall owl design

to match the label.

All I had left to do
in order to cross it off my list
was to sew down the binding and
 Summer Sampler is finished.

3 quilts are safely tucked in at home.
That leaves one man still heading towards the finish.
You'll have to come back next week to see if
I win the game.

Until Next Time-


  1. You are so clever, Kyle! I love the way you integrated playing Parcheesi and making/finishing quilts :) Your patriotic quilt turned out great and Summer Sampler is so pretty. The "Owl" label is just the cutest! Can't wait to see what you post next week :)

  2. I have a feeling your fourth man is already in the winner's circle! Love the Summer Sampler and the owl label, so cute!

  3. I was saving patterns from Thimblecreek but there just isn't enough time for all I would like to do. Some good mysteries on there. You are on quite a roll!

  4. All beautiful finishes...congratulations! I do love the challenge quilt...the shading in the red stripes is laid out just right. Well done!

  5. You always have interesting posts. From the photos to the quilts. I love your owl label. Nice touch. Hugs

  6. Wow Kyle! What a cool challenge quilt! I think it's wonderful and quilting will make it more so!! I love the way your Thimblecreek mystery quilt turned out - the alternate pinwheel chain blocks are lovely. Such a great finish and another one soon :0)

  7. What a fun blog post and what gorgeous finishes. That is so wonderful to have three large finishes happen within weeks of each other. I hope to have a Parcheesi moment soon. I seem to work and work and work and nothing is getting finished. It really is my own fault for having so many UFO's - lol.

  8. Kyle bonitos edredones!!!
    mi juego favorito el parchís ¡¡suerte!!

  9. I so enjoy reading your posts. I love your analogy. Congratulations on the Noah and Matilda finish. This is one of my all time favorites. I am overwhelmed by the veteran's quilt you came up with from that fabric. What vision you have! And, I love the sweet owl label on the Summer Sampler. Kudos for knocking off 3 almost at once!

  10. Just as clever blogging as you are at quilting. Lovely finishes!💕

  11. Wonderful finishes!
    Congratulations - all such special quilts.

  12. Three lovely finishes. The Antique Sampler is breath-taking. The bold graphics of the VA quilt are very pleasing, and what a breath of fresh air in the last quilt. The owl made me smile.
    But seriously, haven't you started new quilts to fill in the blanks for the finishes? : )

  13. Great finishes! Your solution to the challenge fabric is wonderful!

  14. Wow two great big quilt finishes and a flimsy finish, I am very impressed. I really like what you did with the variegated red fabric, a nice simple but patriotic pattern.

  15. Everything you showed in this post is beautiful! I particularly like how the patriotic one turned out! ---"Love"

  16. Wow Kyle! That is more than I will finish in a year! They are all awsome! So beautiful stitched and quilted.
    Rosa loves to play parcheesi so we do it often here. Our Dutch version looks a bit different but I think it is the same game.

  17. You are already winning! Love that owl inspired quilting!

  18. Gosh, I don't think I've played Parcheesi for years--kind of forgotten about it! All your finishes are wonderful. I have my Summer Sampler loaded on my HQ16 waiting for me to decide how to quilt it. I think edge to edge is the way to go--yours looks great! Thanks for showing it!

  19. I love the Parcheesi example ! Three beautiful finishes in a row and one guy moving along the board yet; fantastic! :)

  20. I am glad to see another photo of your antique sampler! What a beauty, and a great photo too. I'm so impressed with all your finishes!

  21. Always interested in seeing the variety in your quilts - and what a great analogy! It's so true that working on a few at once sometimes means a flurry of finishes...but only if we keep them all moving forward slow but steady along the board!

  22. What a great analogy of quilting and game playing! (I hooked a Parchessi board once! LOL) I can't decide which quilt I like most - and I guess there's no real need to choose. They're all winners! I've begun piecing a quilt for grandchild #6 who is due in about three weeks - I better go faster! Copngrats on some great finishes! I'm always inspired by your blog posts Kyle! Thanks for being so sharing!

  23. What a fun post! I had no idea how to play parcheesi. It seems a lot like Sorry which I played with the kids. Hooray for you to get 3 projects done.
    YOur BB is just stunning! Such a great traditional album quilt.
    Cute owl quilting on your mystery quilt with a cute label to match.
    I don't know how you envisioned the patriotic quilt, but I love it!

  24. I love this post, Kyle! I love all of those beautiful quilts, too. Congratulations on all of your progress.