Thursday, March 7, 2013

Red and White Sampler

 In the evenings 
when playtime has ended,

 I have been continuing to hand quilt
my "It Just Takes Two", 
red and white sampler.

My goal is to still
 have it finished at the end of May.

 The center is quilted.
I thought I had to be more than
half way done.

there are 50 blocks in the center

 and 50 blocks around the perimeter.

Half way is good.
 It's progress.

Until Next Time-


  1. Just keep quilting, just keep quilting.........

  2. Your sampler is so beautiful, and your quilting adds such wonderful bet is that you will achieve your goal!

  3. Looking great! Outlining patched blocks has to be the slowest, most tedious quilting there is. But it always looks so wonderful when it is finished! This is a fabulous quilt!

  4. It's looking good Kyle! I always love to wash my quilts when they're done so they shrink a bit and crinkle up, but I would be concerned about bleeding on a quilt like this. What are your plans?

  5. Half way is great! Seems like not to long ago it was a top ;-)
    It looks fabulous and doable by May.
    Thanks for sharing your progress!

  6. Oh what a fabulous sampler! I'm crazy for red and white, keep up the great work.

  7. I didn't realize there were so many blocks to the quilt. But you are making good progress. What is the next big project going to be?

  8. Oh My! Looks great and I'm so impressed you have the energy to quilt after the little ones go to bed

  9. This is just so amazing! You are the queen of heirloom quilts.

  10. Halfway is AMAZING progress! It looks awesome!

  11. Wow! Your Just Take 2 is so beautiful! Kudos for finishing the blocks and hand quilting them.