Monday, March 18, 2013

March Thread Madness

My  project for March 
has turned into the
"March Thread Madness".

The wool pieces for the
Folk Art Sampler
are fused onto the background pieces.
They're ready for the buttonhole stitching.

One of the reasons this project had
been set aside
was getting the right
perel cotton thread colors to match
the wool.

trip #1
10 spools of Valdani perel cotton
which were the recommended colors for the quilt.

trip #2
5 spools of Valdani perel cotton
to match the wool that I actually
ended up using.

trip #3
5 more spools of Valdani perel cotton
to match the wools that I actually used
that I forgot to get on trip #2.

There, I'm ready.
Now where is that diet Pepsi and chocolate
when I need it!

Until Next time-


  1. Love, love, love those blocks you are working on. I use regular cotton thread most often and overcast stitch. I do like the look of perle cotton and have a big jar of it. But not much Valdani brand. It is not sold locally.

  2. Too funny! But it sounds exactly how I shop, too! Dang, if I'm not always forgetting something! LOL

    Your blocks are fantastic! I'm loving this so much!

  3. Gorgeous blocks, Kyle! I love them.
    Just starting to dabble in the wool applique myself, I wish there was a good selection of Valdani in my area. I can bring home every color they sell in one trip --there is no need to return--they won't have it. : (

  4. Your blocks are beautiful. I love wool applique. I think after having to make so many trips to the store I would want something stronger than Diet Pepsi...LOL Hugs

  5. I just love the dimensional look of those blocks! That is going to be a fabulous quilt! Looking forward to trying some wool applique one of these days.

  6. Your blocks are all gorgeous! I love your color choices.
    That's a lot of Valdani thread, at least you will have a nice stash of it for future blocks and progects.

  7. These blocks are wonderful! Love the one with the cat.

  8. This is going to be so beautiful when it is finished. I'm just now discovering Valdani threads. I opened a "personal" account on their site. How in the world does one choose? I want one of every color they make!

  9. Beautiful! You are so talented, what a piece of art this will be!

  10. these blocks are so lovely and the pearl cotton really adds a nice layer of color and texture.
    Yum, DP and Chocolate!!
    the only thing I like better is wine and cheese :)

  11. Beautiful blocks. You are lucky to have have a source for the thread close.
    Enjoy this nice weather!

  12. So pretty! The richness of the wool & using Valdani perle cotton is so lovely!!

  13. These are gorgeous! What did you use to secure the wool pieces before you began the button hole stitching?