Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mary Janes

I bet we all can remember when we wore

black patent leather Mary Jane shoes,
 maybe even a new white pair for Easter.
They were so shiny and they made you feel like a princess.

The name, Mary Jane's
 came from a cartoon character who was the
 sister of Buster Brown,
the character used by The Brown Shoe Company.
They both wore the little strapped shoes.

The style and the name continues to
describe that style of shoe since it's start in 1904.

I did make it to the shoe store this past weekend.

Keen's summer shoes are in
and Mary Jane's are popular again.

 Aren't they cute.

HA HA I just noticed the picture. 
No, I don't wear them on the wrong feet!

They are
So summery,
So scrappy, 
like a pieced quilt.

I feel like a princess.

Until Next Time-


  1. I love Mary Jane's...little baby Wolfe will definitely need a pair!

  2. Love your shoes! Like a little flower garden on your feet.

  3. very cute!!
    mary janes are my all time favorite style shoes. I have a fun pair in red leather with a 1" heel.
    thanks for the smile this morning